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Top Ten Parties
1) Princess Party Ideas
2) Pirate Party Ideas
3) Sweet 16 Party
4) Tropical Luau Party
5) Scavenger Hunt
6) Sleep-over Party
7) Tea Party Ideas
8) Beach Party Ideas
9) Star Wars Party
10)Superhero Party


The Princess Party
Disney PrincessIs your little princess
ready to celebrate
her with a Royal Ball?

- Princess Super-Page
- Princess Party Big List
- Disney Princess
- Alice in Wonderland
- Arabian Princess
- Beauty and the Beast
- Princess Pocahontas
- Princess Jasmine
- Royal Princess Party
- Sleeping Beauty
Snow White Party

The Pirate Party
PirateIs your little pirate ready to hoist the Jolly Roger and celebrate with a swashbuckling event?
- Pirate Party Super-Page
- Pirate Party Big List
- Pirates of Caribbean
- Kids Peter Pan Party
- Pirate Girl Party

The Tropical LuauTropical Luau
Are you ready to travel to a world of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees?  We are all going to a Hukilau, so grab those grass skirts!
- Luau Party Super-Page
- Tropical Luau Big List
- Spongebob Party
- Lilo and Stitch Party

The Fairy Party
Fairy PartyIs your little fairy ready to party with her fairy princess friends?
- Fairy Party Super-Page
- Fairy Party Big List
- Fairy Princess
- Fairy Tea Party
- Tinker Bell Party

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Are you planning a Birthday Party for your son or daughter and can't decide what to do?  Should you have a party at home or at some unique location? Well, maybe these ideas can help you decide! Birthday Party Ideas provides a place where everyone can come and share ideas for children's birthday parties in a very simple and organized format. Here are the ideas!


Birthday Parties for children are getting more elaborate and original every day.  Sometimes a kid's birthday party with a simple theme just isn't enough. If you are one of those people who like to create kids' birthday parties that are special and unique...parties that your guests and children will remember forever, then these ideas should help get you on your way to a most unforgettable birthday party.

If you would like to share a birthday party idea, use our "Submit Birthday Party Idea" form.    Thanks and have a Happy Birthday Party!

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Party Ideas! There are over 10,000 different birthday party ideas submitted by parents from around the world all available for you to read, search and incorporate into your birthday celebration -- and all for free! is the premier online birthday party ideas site for millions of parents since 1999.


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Tea Party Birthday

It's Time
for Tea!

Get out the frilly dresses and hats it's time for tea, fancy cookies and  cucumber sandwiches.  In the garden, patio or special place in your home, a table decorated with pink flowers and fancy china of bone.   

Harry Potter Party


So your little wizard has graduated from Hogwarts and is ready to host a magical party for all of his muggle friends. Get out the quiddich gear and wands, its time for a
Potter Party! 

The Princess Party


Looking for the best site on the web to find ideas for your Princess Birthday Party?  Check out the ideas shared by parents around the world!
Princess Party

Superhero Party Super-page


The villians are on the run and you know that only your little caped crusader can save the day. Better get the Bat Cave decorated, its Bat-time for a Superhero Birthday Party

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