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Barney Party - Barney Video Playing



June 2001


Cyd in McKinney, TX, USA


Barney Party

My two year old son is crazy about Barney. His birthday is in August and so we planned an indoor/outdoor party.

We had some of the typical Barney themed plates and napkins, but instead of using the coordinating cups, I found individual purple and green dinosaur sippie cups for each of the guest. This was also used as one of the favors they took home.

We used primary yellow and purple tablecloths and had a giant purple and green dinosaur bounce house in the backyard for the kids(young and old) to play in.

For the cake, I'd previously taken a picture of my son holding his favorite Barney toy and had the picture scanned onto the cake. Surrounding the picture we several Barney figurines.

The kids also played in a purple sprinkler we set up outside. We had purple and yellow balloons everywhere. 

All the kids took home bubbles, Barney books and other goodies.

We also had a Barney video playing in the background while the kids ate.

We had a great time!

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