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Batman Party - Stomp the Bad Guys



January, 2000


Angie in Pontotoc, MS  USA

January 2000 Winner

Batman Party

For my son's 6th Birthday, we had a Batman Party. 

I made the invitations on the computer that said Stephen is having a batty birthday.  Inside said the typical party information, but the party was at the batcave(our address). 

We did have a batcave.  I converted our carport into the batcave.  I covered the walls with black fabric and used black lights to make it dark.  His birthday is in October so I found bats to hang from the ceiling and cob webs. 

As the children arrived I had an area that they decorated there own party bags.  I had finger paint with bat stamps, paint pens and giggly eyes to put on the bats that they stamped on the bags. 

The first game we played was "MR. Freeze Dance".  I played Batman music and when I paused the music they had to Freeze. 

We also played "Stomp the bad guys"  I put a few pieces of candy in Blue, Yellow, and Black Balloons; then I blew them up and tied them.  I also put names and drew pictures of the bad guys on the balloons with a paint pen.  They stomp the bad guy balloons and got the candy out. 

We also played Mr. Freeze Bubble game.  I took a small wadding pool and covered the bottom with water and added dishwashing liquid to it and a little bit of glycerin(can be found at most pharmacies).  I then put a stepping stool in the middle of the pool with a hula hoop around it in the bottom of the pool.  We then placed a child on the stool and then pulled the hula hoop over them and they were instantly put inside a giant bubble.  We took pictures of them in the giant bubble with a Polaroid camera and made a keepsake that said "I survived Mr. Freeze Bubble at Stephen Higgins' Birthday and the date. 

The food was all named to the theme as well.  We had Poison Ivy Punch; It was green punch and I frozen some plastic ivy in a Jell-O mold to float in the punch.  We had Penguin Party Chip and Dip; I turned a plastic top hat upside down and put the chips in it and had a pair of white gloves and a cigar !placed by the dip.  We had catwoman claws which were Buggles that could be put on their fingers like claws.  We had two face peanut butter & jelly sandwiches; half the sandwich had peanut butter the other half had jelly.  And naturally we had Batman cake and Mr. Freeze ice-cream. 

The party favors were Batman coloring sheets, batrings, and batpencils(I found since it was close to Halloween), picture from Mr. Freeze Bubble, and Black mask.  At the end of the party the joker had hid their party bags they had decorated with all their favors.  I had old playing card that gave them clues to find their bags which I hid under the Food table that was covered with a long tablecloth.  They all had a Batty time.  And my son(6), who dressed as Batman and my twin daughters(3) were dressed as catwoman will never forget it.

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