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Batman Party -5y- Musical Bats



April 2002


Caroline in Decatur, GA, USA

Honorable Mention

Batman Party

For my son's 5th birthday we had a BATMAN party. 

I made the invitations on my computer with scanned pictures of Batman.  The front of the invitation read "Holy Cake and Ice Cream, Batman, Its a Birthday Party!"  Inside was a picture of the Riddler with this riddle: "The Riddler is tricky - don't make a mistake - He has stolen the candles off Jack's birthday cake - But you can help Batman recover the candles- by answering this riddle- I'm sure you can handle -How old will Jack be when his birthday's arrived - Just think of a number that rhymes with "dive"  the answer is ______ . Then the date and time were listed next to "Bat Date", "Bat Time" etc.  The "Bat Place" was a neighborhood park near our home. 

I decorated with black and yellow balloons and Batman tablecloth and napkins.  AS the kids arrived we played "Mr.Freeze tag" which they loved! 

Then we played "musical bats".  I taped a bat with a number onto each chair.  When the music stopped, I called out a number and whoever was sitting in that chair got a sticker.  We played until everyone got a sticker. 

Then we played a game where the kids threw water balloons at targets of the Batman villains: Joker, Riddler, Harleyquin, and Bane. I had made poster size copies of the villains at Kinkos, colored them and then laminated them. The kids LOVED the water balloons - I really recommend this! 

Afterwards, I told them they had done such a good job vanquishing the villains that they had earned a Batman cape.  All the kids received a cape.  My mother in law had made the capes.  She used some directions I found in a kids party book. 

Then we went on a search for the "bad guys".  I had hidden 3 pictures of "bad guys" in the park and they had to find them.  The last game was "Pin the bat on the Riddler".  I used my Riddler poster and cut out bats from black construction paper. 

Then cake and ice cream!  The kids had a great time - their goodie bag included: their cape, a Batman mask I got at a party store, Batman stickers, a foam Batman boomerang, and candy.

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