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Batman Party -4yr- Visit from Police Officer



Nov 2003



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Batman Party

This year for my son's four year old birthday he wanted a "Batman" birthday party. 

I started planning for the party weeks ahead of time by looking for "batman" paper to make invitations with.  I ended up using metallic blue card stock with a piece of vellum as an overlay with batman cut-outs and silver starts placed all around.  The message on the invitation read, "Holy Cake and Ice Cream Batman, Landon's turning four and the Joker has just stolen his birthday cake.  Come dressed as your favorite superhero and help Batman put an end to the Joker's dasterdly plan".  Then I listed the essestial information with Bat Date, Bat Time, and Bat Place.  Excitement from those who had been invited to the party grew as all the boys and girls anxiously began talking about which superhero they would come dressed as.  My husband and I worked the night before and the day of the party on the decorations.  We used an outdoor canopy right inside the door and covered it with crumpled black and grey paper to make it look like they were entering a cave. 

Once inside the party all of the tables were decorated with bat confetti (picked up during Halloween) and bouquets of black, royal blue, silver and yellow balloons.  I used several of the batman centerpieces (that can be purchased at your local party supply)scattered around on the food and drink tables.  On the other side of the room my husband streched several sections of lattice to separate the main room from the back section and labeled this closed off section as "Gotham City".  Little did the kids know Gotham City was actually be used later for a SuperHero training course. 

After the kids ate dinner (nothing batty, just your typical chicken nuggets and party sandwich) the real party began.  I had arranged in advanced for one of our local police officers to come and send a message from Police Comissioner Gordon.  When the officer walked in he told the kids that Comissioner Gordon had sent him to wish Landon a Happy Birthday and that he had Batman and Robin on the job of finding the birthday cake.  The police officer told the kids that they were about to be trained as superhero's so they too could help find the missing birthday cake.  The officer said that he was sent to talk to the kids about how a superhero should act, things like obeying, sharing, being respectful, etc. 

When he finished his talk, much to the kids surprise in came Batman and Robin running in.  They called Landon to the front of the room and said that they were here to train the party goers to a special superhero training so they to could help find the cake.  At this point the kids walked through the Gotham City entrance and found a room lit with black lights and clouded with a light fog (provided by a time delayed fog machine). 

Prior to the party I had arranged with a local toddler gymnastics teacher to borrow several pieces of her gymnastics equipment (mainly mats, wedges,a mini trampoline, etc) to lay out in Gotham City to use for our superhero training.  Under the black lights the gynmastics equipment glowed in the dark and made the room really look like a cave.  My husband used a small garage spotlight with a bat taped over the lense and shined it on the wall to look like the bat signal was being shown in the sky.  Once inside Gotham City, my husband had cut from large sheets of card board the city sky line and painted it black, them outlined it with Christmas lights.  Entering Gotham City was the highlight of the party!! 

At this point Batman and Robin proceeded to show the little superhero's using the gymnastics equipment what kinds of things a superhero should.  They covered things like rolling, jumping, climbing up wedges, scooting through a mesh tunnel- it was great fun and the kids loved climbing around with batman and robin.  Once all of the kids had an opportunity to use all the pieces of equipment we left Gotham City and went back into the party room where batman and robin awarded all of the children with a superhero certificate of achievement and a bat cape.  The bat capes were easy to make and a cheap party favor.  Again, batman and robin reminded the kids that we still did not have the birthday cape. 

So, all of the kids were split up into four teams (lead by a parent) and lead on a scavenger hunt around the room for the cake.  Each group at the end of there scavenger hunt trail ended up with a wrapped gift that they brough back to robin who was waiting.  Once all four gifts were recovered robin unwrapped them to find different parts of the party (ex. Party hats, dessert plates, napkins, candles), but Robin declared, "we still don't have a birthday cake", at that moment in walked batman carrying the birthday cake with the lit candles and started singing happy birthday to Landon. 

The cake had finally been found by my son's hero, batman!!  I kept the party favors simple, a superhero coloring book and a batman sucker. The party was awesome and the kids had a great time, a couple of days after the party I even had some who had not been invited to the party calling to get the details so they could do something similar.

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