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Batman Adventure Party 9yr - Holy Bat Adventure



October 2009


Lisa in San Antonio, Texas - United States

October 2009 Winner

Batman Party

Our son was turning 9 years old and decided that this year he wanted a Batman party. He and his friends really love playing the Batman LEGO videogame, so we used the game for the basis of his party adventure.

INVITATIONS: To create the feeling of a top secret mission I cut a manila folder into a 6x9 size and pasted a TOP SECRET logo on the outside. I then labeled each folder with the invitees name. Inside the folder, as you opened it up, on the top portion I pasted the invitation. It had a batman symbol  at the top and read: You have been chosen to join a very special crime unit known as B.A.T. (Battle & Advanced Tactics). If you choose to accept this invitation you will be working directly with Batman and Robin to apprehend five of the most masterminded criminals Gotham City has ever seen. The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn have escaped from Arkham Asylum and are threatening to ruin Garrett's 9th Birthday. Your tactical training will begin on (date) at (time). The rendezvous point is (place). If you choose to join in the fight against crime please contact Agent M.O.M. at (phone number). On the bottom portion of the folder as you opened it up were five pieces of paper fastened at the top with a long brad. Each piece of paper had a picture of the escaped criminal(the Batman LEGO pictures-with a wanted sign behind them , downloaded from the LEGO Batman site) and a quick biography. I then placed these top secret mission folders in a brown 6x9 envelope and pasted the Top Secret logo on the front. And so the adventure was underway.

DECORATIONS: To prepare for the adventure their were several different locations the kids would be running to. In our dining room we created the GOTHAM CITY MUSEUM. On the back walls we placed long strips of black butcher paper and with black duct tape mounted children's art work (some was from our kids and some was from some of the kids attending the party that I got from their moms ahead of time). On our china cabinet in the middle of the back wall we posted a GC Museum sign. In the center of the room we placed a small end table with a crystal vase placed upside down like a pedestal to support a very rare, large, blue, sapphire diamond(a big blue plastic gem found at the dollar store). Around the room using four chairs as posts in the corners we placed a labyrinth of neon pink twine to replicate a laser beam alarm system around the diamond. On the front porch we set up the GOTHAM CITY BANK. It was basically just a GC Bank sign and a black bank vault(a big box spray painted black with details on the front in white to make it look like a vault- we used two of the four box flaps to create a door on the front that for the time being was closed shut using black duct tape). In the backyard we set up the GOTHAM CITY GOLD RESERVE. We used our bar-b-que pit as the vault and placed gold bars inside (small boxes painted gold) with a GC Gold Reserve sign over the bbq pit.

The big attraction was the BATCAVE/BATLAB. For the opening to the cave we acquired a large black, plastic, corrugated drain pipe 3 feet in diameter from a friend who owns a construction co. On either side we placed pillars using 12 inch diameter PVC pipe. The opening ran straight to our bank fence and using an L" shape design we created the framework for the cave by placing crossbeams (1x1) from the fence to a post(2x4) in the ground 6 feet from the fence. The crossbeams were placed  5 feet apart. We then covered the whole thing with painter's tarps and spray painted it black. Inside the cave we placed white LED lights and hung plastic bats from the crossbeams (purchased at Oriental Trading Company). The BATCAVE opened up into the BATLAB. We used a canopy for the lab and covered three of the four walls with a roll of black plastic tablecover material(from party city). The wall facing the house (and our back porch where all of the parents would be watching) we covered with see through black tulle. In the LAB we placed a couple of tables a dry-erase board on an easel two regular spotlights and one spotlight with a blacklight in it some broken down equipment from our dental office(my husband and I are dentists) including an old stearilizer that served as a "BAT DE-ICEIFICATION" CHAMBER. The rest of the tables in our house were covered with black tableclothes and in our living room we hung neon "Batman Action Word" signs - like POW! ZOWIE! And CRASH!(we got all of the words off a batman website).

COSTUMES: We had a lot of help with this party and a full cast of characters. My husband rented a Batman costume(reasonably priced cosidering the great quality). We had a friend dress as Robin(his costume was more of a retro homemade Robin-came out great). My brother was The Joker (he wore clown face paint spray painted his hair green and wore a suit vest with a purple shirt and green tie-he looked awesome!) One of my sister's was The Penguin(she is 5 months pregnant so she had the waddle down great. She wore a bolo hat and had a monocle and umbrella). My other sister was Harley Quinn (she was in disguise as the museum curator for most of the adventure until the end when she put down her hair pulled her glasses off and put an a jester's hat). Her boyfriend was Mr. Freeze (he wore a nice suit  painted his face blue wore aviator mirror glasses and carried a silver toy gun with a flashlight at the end). My cousin was The Riddler(he wore a green sports coat that we put purple question marks on apurple shirt with a silver tie and sunglasses). My friend and I were B.A.T. special agents that were in charge of leading the kids through their adventure (we wore all black with silver bat shirts like the kids). Finally all of the kids were given black t-shirts with a silver bat stenciled on the front a utility belt(black duct tape folded in half lengthwise sealed with a silver buckle which was silver duct tape) a flashlight and two batarangs fastened to their belts with paperclips. I made the batarangs out of black stiff felt(from Michael's) and to add weight to them put two paper clips on each wing and covered the wings with silver duct tape. They flew pretty well. Lastly we put black face paint under their eyes (to complete the all black night crime fighter look).

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The party started at 6:00 to take advantage of the night. As the kids arrived (about 18) we sent them straight upstairs to the loft. We had tables set up with food just for them. The parents stayed downstairs and were also served right away. Me and the other special B.A.T. agent told them that they were going to need their energy so to fill up. We then debriefed them. We went over what the invitation had already stated and tested them on their knowledge of the escaped criminals. We then asked if they accepted their mission. They all resounded with a loud YES! We then gave them their shirts & belts and had them complete the first part of their training which was to decode their special agent names. I had made little folders for them with their name on the outside and a key code box and their special agent name to decode on the inside(I found a website that listed real code names of actual government agents so I used those).

Once they decoded their names we had a small ceremony were they were given their batarangs with their special code names written on them. Their next training mission was at the GC Museum. They were greeted by the museum curator Madame Q(Harley Quinn in disguise). She welcomed them told them about the blue sapphire diamond and asked them to help test out the Museum's new state of the art alarm system. Two at a time they worked their way through the neon string labyrinth trying hard not to touch the "laser lights". They were told to touch the diamond and then return. They really loved this part. They were then taken to the back yard for weapons training. In the trees we placed paper plate targets with pictures of the villains with a red "don't do" sign painted over their faces. They practiced using their batarangs for several minutes until a loud siren erupted (we borrowed a sound system with speakers from a friend that really added to the effect). I yelled "Quick to the Batcave". The Batman TV show music played and they all raced through the Batcave to the Batlab.

Robin was waiting for them. He welcomed them to the top secret lab and told them that Batman was following a lead. He then told them that after searching the Penguin's cell at Arkham Asylum they found a schematic of Penguin's evil plot to poison the Gotham City water supply. It showed small poison bombs hidden in penguin eggs that when hatched turned into robot penguins that took the poison bombs to the water supply. The siren went off again and Robin proclaimed "Holy Batberry" I'm getting a call (he used his blackberry for all calls with a big yellow R on the front). He then told the B.A.T.s "Quick the Penguin is about to attack". The music played and we all ran out of the batcave. Batman then appeared with the capturd Penguin. But she was yelling "It's too late!"  at that moment about 50  white balloons came over the fence. The B.A.T.s were told to pop them and collect the poison bombs inside(glow in the dark balls). The bombs were collected in a bucket and when all of the balloons were popped Batman directed everyone over to a table with a white cylinder on top that read "BAT INCINERATOR". He then exclaimed that the only way to destroy the poison was to put it in the highly explosive "BI". "It is very dangerous everyone stand back Robin you do it". Robin then said "Holy put your partner in peril Batman". Batman muttered "This is how I lost the last Robin." Inside the cylinder was a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Coke. Robin poured the balls into the cylinder but not in the 2 liter bottle and dropped Mentos into the DC. It exploded like a geyser-the kids loved it!!

Then over the speaker The Joker laughed and said "You may have caught that bird brain  but I have still flown the coup". From our second story window we had a friend throw out a deck of cards. They all had a Joker picture on them. I yelled "Pick up the cards B.A.T.s-to the Bat Lab" - Batman Music. Once in the lab Batman asked for a card and knowing their must be a clue on them had Robin turn on the Batlight. We turned off the overhead light and turned on  the blacklight. On the back of each card we had written N2O with a yellow highlighter that shown well under the Blacklight. Batman explained on his dry erase board that N2O was the formula for Nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The siren went off again and Robin got a call. "To the Museum B.A.T.s the diamond has been stolen". Bat Music. At the Museum Madame Q exclaimed "Two men stole the diamond and replaced it with that box. They then rigged our alarm system so it won't turn off." The "box" was a shoebox painted black with purple question marks all over it. Inside the box was a bomb made out of lumps of clay with blinking lights and red blue and black wires .The black wires were attatched to a kitchen timer. If the black wire was cut the timer counting down from two minutes stopped. We chose one of the B.A.T.s to go through the alarm system and retrieve the box. Batman looked inside and said "It's a bomb to the BatLab." Batman Music.

At the Lab Robin proclaimed "Holy Chicken Babies Batman- there's a purple egg inside the box. This must be a clue.This has got to be the work of the Riddler." Inside the purple Easter egg was a riddle that read "Hickory Dickory Dock Tick Tock Goes The Clock Two Minutes From Now You Will All Go KAPOW! Hickory Dickory Dock." In very small words between each line of the riddle that could only be read with a magnifying glass was another riddle it read "Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Pick One Of These Flowers And You Will Be Through". With the clock ticking down we helped the kids realize that we shouldn't cut the red or blue wire so we must cut the black. The Birthday Boy got to do the honors and saved the day. While we were celebrating the Joker came over the loud speaker again "Roses are Red Violets Are Blue It's just a matter of time before I get you." Robin then pulled out another purple egg that had been hidden in the lab but this one was frozen ( I put a purple Easter egg weighted down with rocks in a cup of water and froze it). He said "That sure was chilling speaking of chilling Holy Frozen Chicken Egg Batman.

This clue is frozen solid." Batman says "That proves our theory Robin. Mr. Freeze and the Riddler are working together. Defrost it in the Bat De-Iceification Chamber." Robin put the egg in the old stearilizer and closed the door. We all counted to 10 and he pulled a planted non frozen egg out. There was another clue inside that read "What smells like bacon and is full of cash?" One of the kids actually got it - A Piggy Bank. "To the Gotham City Bank." Batman Music. At the Bank the vault was open and there were only a few (paper money) 100 dollor bills inside with another frozen clue. Madame Q showed up and asked "Have you found my diamond yet." I said "No just this clue we have to take it back to the Batlab to defrost it." Madame Q then pulled out a giant Hammer (Harley Quinn's weapon of choice) and yelled "Give me that!" She switched the eggs and handed over the clue. Robin said "Holy Chicken Egg Cracker Batman". Batman noticing the hammer figured out that Madame Q is Harley Quinn and said "An idea just hit me over the head like a hammer. I've got to go!" The backstory idea was that Batman was going to Madame Q's house to look for the Joker knowing that Madame Q is Harley Quinn and her and the Joker are partners. The kids don't know this yet. The clue is pulled out of the egg and it reads "What do these three things have in common? Indiana Jones' Idol Jack & the Giant's Goose and a Leprechan's Pot." The kids got the answer again "GOLD". "To the Gotham City Gold Reserve" Batman Music.

Once there Robin checks the gold vault and says "We got here before they did. Quick hide and when I say go hit them with your Batarangs." The kids were very excited. They all hid behind the trees. Mr. Freeze and The Riddler came out the back door fighting. Mr Freeze told the riddler "What is your problem why are you leaving all of those clues." Riddler answers "It makes the game more interesting." And then on the command the kids attacked them with 37 batarangs. It was hilarious (they were not painful). The kids then tied up Mr. Freeze and The Riddler with The Penguin (who had been tied up to a tree this whole time.)Then the Joker spoke again "You may have caught Brain Freeze and Crossword Puzzle but where is your precious Batman. At home washing his tights." My friend then threw paper airplanes from the upstairs window. When they were opened it was a picture of Batman all tied up (taken the night before and then printed out).

While the kids were preoccupied with the airplanes Madame Q appeared and took Robin hostage with a Nerf Gun. She says "B.A.T.s put down your Batarangs. The Joker has your precious Batman and now I have your Robin. I am not Madame Q I am Harley Quinn." She puts down her hair throws down her glasses and puts a jester hat on. She gathers all of the B.A.T.s under the trees and the Joker appears. He starts laughing and we turn the fogger on. He says "You're right N2O does mean laughing gas and soon you will be laughing too hard to stop us." From behind him Batman appeared "Not so fast Joker." Joker says "You are too late Batman I already released the Joker Venom." Batman falls to the ground coughing and then starts laughing "That’s what you think Joker I found the anecdote in Madame Q's apartment were you tied me up-and not too well either." Then the fight ensues. They staged a very simple fight scene with Batman fighting music from the T.V. show. The kids were so into it. While Batman and the Joker were fighting so were Robin and HQ. Batman and Robin win of course but the rest of the adult agents and the criminals start coughing and yell "Batman save us we need the anecdote.

So at that point Batman has to make a decision. He lets the Joker go and gives us all the anecdote (smarties). The Joker comes over the speakers one last time "Better luck next time B.A.T.s and Happy Birthday Garrett!" Batman tells the kids "We may not have captured Joker this time but we put a big dent in crime today. We captured The Penguin Mr. Freeze The Riddler and Harley Quinn. Now let's have some cake." For the rest of the party the kids ran around to all the different stations creating their own adventures. Some were the good guys and some were the villains.

CAKE: We bought a big cake that looked like the Bat Symbol.

PARTY SNACKS: To keep things simple we had Pizza a couple of different dips a fruit tray a vege tray sugar cookies in the shape of bats and brownie bites.

FAVOR BAGS: The kids kept their t-shirts belts Batarangs flashlights and were given a bag of candy. Some even took home some of the props. By far this is the most elaborate party we have ever given. My son and daughter cannot stop talking about it. One of the Moms at the party even wanted to know if we were for hire. Honestly I think we had as much fun as the kids. Last year it was Indiana Jones this year it was Batman we'll see what next year brings."

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