Idea No.


Bob the Builder Party 3yr



March 2002


Kim in Valley, AL, USA

Honorable Mention

Bob The Builder Party

For my son's 3rd birthday, we had a Bob the Builder birthday party.  He had a number of Bob the Builder toys (Muck, Scoop, Dizzy, Spud and Bob...) as well as several dump trucks.  We held the party outside (with slides, swings, and a sandbox with shovels and dump trucks) and decorated using some Bob the Builder items purchased from a party supply store (plates, napkins, tablecloths).  I had two small picnic tables for the kids and cut a large table cloth in half and weighted each half down with a large Scoop with Bob the Builder on each table.  I tied balloons onto Bob's arm (to look like he was holding them).  I decorated using yellow and black 'Party Zone' construction tape and Bob the Builder and Happy 3rd Birthday balloons.  As centerpieces on the adult tables, I used 3 bricks with various tools and BTB characters with balloons tied to them.  I baked a cake and decorated it as follows:  the top was green (grass) with a gray road in the middle, the sides of the cake were decorated with yellow and black diagonal stripes (to resemble construction tape).  I built a brick wall using bubble gum (Bubble Yum Berry Ballistic) and gray icing as the mortar and placed it on the cake.  I had purchased a Bob the Builder candle holder and placed him near the brick wall.  I placed a small Roley on the cake and had some small orange cones (from the BTB Playdoh set).  I made the BTB lollipops using the true colors for the characters.  The kids received yellow hard hats for party hats.  I also made coloring books from pages from the BTB website for party favors.  We had dump trucks and all of Bob's machines, and several Bob's (which my son already had) for all of the kids to play with.  I also used a wheelbarrow as a cooler and filled it full of juice boxes, Kool-Aid pouches and Cokes/Sprites and Water.

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