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Cinderella Party 4yr - Star Cookie Wands



July 2004


Patricia in Hillsville VA,  USA

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Cinderella Party

My daughter is a huge Cinderella fan so, for her 4th birthday party we had her a Cinderella party.

For the invitations I printed them out to look like scrolls and tied ribbon around them.

For the decorations I used pink tulle to decorate the wide entrance of my den which we made into a ball room. The tulle was swagged all around the entrance from top to bottom and tied back on the sides with ribbon which had a glass slipper attached.

For the ball room I had wide purple satin fabric running from each corner of the room and meeting in the middle at the light. Then I had silver stars (about 40) hanging down from the ceiling all over the room. To make the stars, I took a star shaped cookie cutter and traced stars onto cardboard, then I cut them out and wrapped them in aluminum foil, I punched a hole in the top and run fishing wire through to hang them from. I then took tacks and tacked the end of the wire to the ceiling. The sparkle from the foil was dreamy looking. I threw silver confetti on the floor. I hung matalic purple, silver, and pink balloons every where.

Then I decorated a gift table with white lights and green grass thrown over the lights and a few orange balloons and green ribbon hanging from the ballons to make them look like pumpkins. I threw in silver star fonfetti. For the tablewear I bought the Cinderella plates and table cloth.

For the cups I bought some plastic champaign glasses from the dollar store and decorated them with silver, pink and purple ribbon. The children loved them! For the cutery I bought lavender forks and decorated the handles with silver dots and doodles using sqeezable 3D paint which I found in the craft dept. at Wal-Mart, then I wrapped them in pink napkins which I also decorated with silver edging, I then tied them with ribbon.

I also edged the Cinderella table cloth with this same silver paint to liven it up a bit. I served pink fizz punch, strawberry cupcakes with white icing and silver eatable glitter sprinkled on top, and the original chips, dip, and ice cream, my mother-in-law made my daughters cake  which was a stand up Cinderella doll in her blue dress. My daughter loved it!!

I also made star shapped cookie wands. I baked the cookies on to a baking stick and covered with icing and eatable glitter. I wrapped them in clear plastic candy bags and tied with a ribbon.

The games where great! We played kiss the prince, I tacked a poster of the prince to the wall and put lipstick on the girls and blind folded them and they had to try to kiss the prince on the lips, the boys played pin the tail on the horse, then they all enjoyed the Cinderella bean bag toss. I sewed purple satin bags with the beans in them for the bean bags. My husband drew all of the poster (the prince, the horse, and Cinderella) then we painted them. They looked great!

The girls made bracelets, necklaces, and tierras. To make the tierras I bought pipe cleaners (3 for each child) put the beads on and used the first one for the head piece and swagged the 2nd one with two hoops on next layer and them the 3rd use as a the final swag on the very top. The boys made vests. I bought large brown paper bags and cut them straight down the middle (only on one side), at the bottom of the bag I cut the head hole and on the sides I cut arm holes.

The boys decorated them with sequences, markers, crayons, glitter glue and buttons. Then they made bow ties. I printed out a template of a bow tie, traced it onto black construction paper and cut them out. I bought pins with adhesive backs so they could pin them on. They decorated those with  glitter glue and sequences. They then decorated crowns that I bought from the dollar store.

Besides the goodie bags I made the girls a glass slipper keepsake. I bought white easter egg boxes with the see through window (at party store) I covered the bottom with pink metalic easter grass and placed a glass slipper on top. The boys took home a sachet filled with gold candy coins. In addition to that they all also got a pumpkin balloon that had a bottle of mini bubbles. The balloons looked like pumpkins. They were turned upside down because of the weight of the bubbles, I tied green swirly ribbon to the top where the balloon is tied.

The children loved the party and I really enjoyed all the work!!! It was well worth it!I had several parents who asked me to help them plan their childs birthday parties.

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