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Cinderella Party - Pass the Slipper



November 2005


Monica in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

My daughter's Birthday was November 7, right after the Hurricane Wilma hit south florida were we live. I was not planning a big party but since I was off for a week from work I got creative, besides I had the time. I got to admit that I did look at some of your Party Ideas and I thought I am not the only crazy mother in the world trying to make a super special Birthday party. Well here is what I did for my 3 year old Princess. 

Cinderella is my daughter's favorite character, she got her dress as a Halloween costume gift, this came in with the "glass"(plastic) slippers, the pillow to hold the slipper, the jewelry including the crown.  So in one of my table furniture I display a story book, open it up in the Cinderella story where she is wearing the beautiful blue dress. I put next to it a blue carriage with a princess and prince doll. The blue pillow with one slipper on top and the jewelry around it, ballons on each side of the table (rectangular shape).

My family room is big enough for the amount of guests, so I decorated the entertainment center with a Castle made out of poster paper and painted it pink with sparkles, on one of the windows of the castle I placed my daughter's picture dress-up as a princess with her crown on.

Next to the castle I put a Treasure Chest and I filled it up with the prizes, gold coins and colorful bead necklaces hanging out. This was a perfect background for pictures taking with each of our guests. My dining table was decorated with Cinderellas's table cloth, a castle cake (from Publix), a castle stand to hold plates and napkins (from Party City) and I displayed the Tiaras and King's crowns to give to every guest as they showed up. Even some Moms liked the idea of having a tiara on, I had plenty for the kids and their moms. 

FOOD: I decided to go simple, my husband grilled Hamburguers and Hot dogs and we had a table outside with the rest of the stuff like bread, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes chips, sodas, etc… 

GAMES: The winner of each game had the chance to pick a prize from the Treasure Chest. I wrapped them blue for boys pink for girls and white for boths.

- We play Dance Freeze, which I found the kids loved it, not matter their age.
- Put the tail to the dunkey. I thought that pin the crown to the princess was a little to much.
- Pass the slipper. The kids sat down in a circle and they pass the slipper around and when I turned off the music who ever had the slipper was out of the game. They loved this one too.
- I tried to ask them to sing the Birthday song in a crazy way but the were shy. 

When everyone ate, my daughter changed into her Princess dress and I announced her as the Princess (her name). She sat down in a little blue chair and I pretended to be the "Grand Duke" looking for the girl that lost her slipper. I gave her the slipper to try it on and it was a perfect fit, everybody clap their hands, then we played Princess music (classic) and dance together (Dad was not around to dance with her). 

PINATA: I did not covered the kids eyes because they felt uncomfortable, that was fun, all the kids participate trying to brake the pinata and the last kid finally got it.  Right after the pinata activity, I took the cake into the back yard in a little table and sang the Birthday song and of course took lots of pictures.  I called every body inside for story time. I wrote this princess story for my daughter: 

Once upon a time there was a little girl born in a happy family in the village of Broadview Park in the kingdom of  Fort Lauderdale,  The girl was named NATALIE and as time went by she became a beautiful Princess surrounded by lots of friends.  By her 3rd birthday, her family made a Princess party for her and invited everybody so they could have fun together.  Once all the princesses and princes were together at the Royal Ball, The Princess NATALIE started to give them each a little present for coming to the party.  And they were friends forever.  The End. 

So this way my daughter gave away our gift bags to every guest. She delivered each of them with a hug, a kiss and a "Thank you for coming to my party". After that, we opened the presents on front of everybody and when we finished I brought a pumpkin and I said to my daughter that if we all sing "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!" it will be transformed into a magnificent coach, she closed her eyes and my husband replaced the pumpkin for a Cinderella's bike that was our present and she loved it.

At this moment I announced that we were going to play Cinderella's movie, when it was over we collected all the ballons, put them together and took them outside, my little princess made a wish and let them loose.  We tried to have everybody involved with the party so the kids as well as the adults had a great time.

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