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Cinderella Party 4yr - Royal Trimmings



June 2006


LaShea in Waldorf, MD USA

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Cinderella Party

4th Cinderellabration  My husband and I asked our 3yr old daughter what type of birthday party did she want and she replied, Cinderella which was no big surprise to us.  So we decided to give her a Cinderellabration Royal Ball for her 4th birthday.

We created a castle and turned the living room into a ballroom. Preplanning done 1 month in advance: My husband went to Home Depot looking for large boxes. I asked friends and family to save empty wrapping paper tubes; this would serve as flag poles later. I went to fabric stores in search of cheap fabric. For the castle, we used a large refrigerator box and drew cobble stones using tan, brown and white spray paint until the whole box looked like a stone wall. I cut out a hole for the entrance and exit large enough for a child to walk though. I also cut out two small windows one above the entrance for decoration purpose, the other on the side of the box for the girls to look through and wave.

DECORATIONS:My searching paid off at the fabric store. I found very pretty fabric on clearance for $1/yard it was almost like cray paper in pale colors (blue, pink and lavender). I took two long pieces of the pink and lavender and twisted them together then hot glued it along the edge of the entrance way hole. I repeated this for the exit hole. I use pink fabric to trim the windows and put a fake flower box to hang on the side window. I use the blue fabric all around the top of the box for trim and draped more of the pink fabric across the on top of the box along the corners and I let them hang down the sides to the floor.

For the outside house décor, we created a castle gate from the left over castle entrance piece that we cut out. My husband spray painted the gate brown and drew black lines to make it look like a gate. We laid this piece in on the floor in front of our house door. He attached some thick string on both ends of the gate then attached the string to house, giving it the appearance the gate has to be lowered for entrance, so each guest would have to cross over the gate to enter the palace. I also made turrets from the leftover cardboard which I spray painted and attached to the house, giving it a castle appearance.

I spray painted the wrapping paper tubes and used 1 wide pink and cream ribbon to wrap the poles like a candy cane for columns. I made yellow flags out of some satin material and attached them to the tubes. I placed one column on each side of the step rails leading to the house. Using a garden flag pole, I created a sign which read, Welcome to the ___ Castle with a few pastel color balloons to coordinate with the castle. This made it easy for guest's to find the house. This was truly and grand entrance to our "Cinderella'bration". It was so beautiful!!! Everyone adored the castle, especially the little princesses.

INVITATIONS:We decided to have 9 (P)rincesses 7yrs & under and 3 Fairy Godmother's (FG) 8 to 10yrs of age. Each (FG) would be in charge of 3 (P). I purchased Disney's Fairy-Tale Princess stationary paper from the Factory Card & Party Outlet store which fit our theme perfectly. I made two invitations, one for the (P)rincess and one for the (FG). I created the wording on my computer and printed them on the paper¦the very top of both invites read¦    Hear Ye      Hear Ye      By order of the King and Queen: Princess ____ is cordially invited to the ___ Castle for a Royal Ball to celebrate the 4th birthday of Princess ____. The royal celebration will begin at 3 in the afternoon on the 1 June, 2006.  Please RSVP to the _Doe_ Queen Mother at __ by __, if you plan to attend this royal gala…The castle needs to plan for your arrival. Please come dressed in rags, but bring along a dress whereupon you will be transformed into a princess befitting of this royal event. The (FG) invites read the same as the (P)¦ Fairy Godmother ____ is¦(same as above), with a note added to the end.  Note to Fairy Godmothers: Fairy Godmother ____ will be in charge of _3_ Cinderella's and is kindly requested to assist them with crafts, make up, hair, nails and games¦Whereupon they will be transformed into a princess befitting of this royal event. With each invite, I included an insert card: We also invite the King and Queen of your kingdom to participate in this exciting event. Bibbity, bobbity, boo - join us for a royal banquet, cake and princess games, too. Royal Menu:Grand Dukes (are pigs in blanket), Petite Carrots w/string beans, Prince Rolls, Princess Punch (was rainbow sherbert & sprite in a punch bowl). I cut the edges with wavy scissors and rolled the invites w/inserts like a scroll and tied them with curly ribbon. I purchased clear mailing tubes from eBay and sprinkled silver glitter and put in a few blue gems in the tubes then hand delivered the invitations. They looked absolutely fabulous!

PARTY DAY: As each (P) arrived in rags, I handed them a mini duster (purchased at the $1 store) and a rag; I also pined a few clothes pins on them. We had each girl stand in the door way and took before pictures (with a Polaroid Camera) then as each (P) entered they had to picked up a few baby undershirts and burp clothes we had laid out on the floor of our (undecorated) living room and put them in a laundry basket. We had them work on princess crafts (from Oriental Trading) until all the (P) arrived. When the (FG) arrived I handed them a sparkle wand and took their picture in front of the entrance too. When all girls were present the doorbell rang. All the (P) went to the door; it was the Grand Duke (my husband in costume, king's hat & cape) with an invitation to the Royal Ball. It read¦ By Order of the King: There will be a ball in honor of his highness; the Prince, every young maiden is to attend. All the (P) ran upstairs to a playroom to get ready. I had a small table for a nail station with glitter polish (which the (FG) sat at to do hair & nails); some of my daughters extra dress-up clothes; feather boa & shoes in case one of the girls didn't have anything or forgot; and costume jewelry. As the (FG) were helping the (P) I took another picture of each (FG) assisting a (P). While they were upstairs getting ready, my husband with the help of some parents transformed our living room into a Royal Ball. I had all the decorations hidden in an adjacent room.

We brought out and set up the castle with a lace runner, the helium filled balloons with the string hanging down, draped the windows with lavender fabric, and put princess foam wallies (which I had) on the walls and hung yellow, lavender & pink streamers. I decorated 2 dinner tables (one for P & one for FG) with pink table clothes with lace overlay, sprinkled glitter, gems, clear glass slipper favors. I placed Disney princess cardboard stand-ups and a vase with fresh flowers on the tables. I decorated my daughter's chair like a thrown with a cardboard crown, balloons and streamers. By the time the girls were dressed, the ballroom was ready. The (P) looked so beautiful I had them stand in the hall and took a group picture for my scrapbook. As the (P) descended down (they were so amazed), we play music from the nutcracker and introduce each one as they entered the castle into the ballroom Introducing (P)___. As they entered the castle each (P) posed for an after picture. We also introduced the (FG) and gave them a big hand for their help (we did not take their picture). We played, pin the crown on the princess, Disney hopscotch, had a princess parade through the castle and outside and danced the day away ¦until the (alarm) clock struck 12:00 midnight (really 5pm).

All the (P) ran from the ballroom leaving behind one shoe. I did not have them change back into their rags, instead we escorted the (P) & (FG) to the dinner tables and served the royal feast (yes, the (P) ate with one shoe on). I used all clear plates, cups and plastic ware and purchased Cinderella stardust dinner and cake napkins. I place a sliced lemon and a blue cherry (wild berry, from our local grocery store) in each (P) cup then poured in the princess punch. (Oh, how they loved this-especially eating the blue cherry). As the (P) ate, my husband collected each shoe in a basket and gathered the favor bags. After dinner, we brought in the cake (I ordered a beautiful cake with a real 3D castle and a Cinderella figure (keep sakes)) and sung happy birthday to my daughter.  Afterwards, the (P) sat on the floor in front of the gift table while my daughter opened her gifts ¦ then the doorbell rung. It was the Grand Duke looking for the (P) who left her shoe at the ball. He matched up each (P) with the correct shoe (sometimes trying the wrong shoe on the (P)) and handed them their favor purses with the assistance of the (FG). It was just like the storybook!

FAVOR BAGS:I purchased empty Cinderella stardust purses and filled them with a jewelry, a glass slipper, Cinderella sticker sheet & princess gummy candy (from grocery store), along with their princess craft. I let them keep their dusters. My girlfriend is a craft expert and designed some beautiful Thank you for coming to Princess __ Cinderellabration photo jackets for me with card stock paper, basket weave paper puncher & princess foam stickers. During the party, she collected and matched up each (P & FG) before and after picture. She placed the before picture (Princesses in rags) on one side & the after picture (Princess castle entrance to the ball) on the other side. She did the same with the two pictures of the (FG). We set up the camcorder in a central location and recorded the entire party. I so surprised to see many parents with their cameras. They said, after seeing and reading the invitations they know they were definitely bringing their camera. My daughter stood and thanked everyone for coming and for the wonderful gifts.

The party ended at 6pm and was a big hit and very inexpensive (if you plan ahead and make a list of needed materials). Be sure the parents don't forget all their belongings. Some helpful tips: We started our party at 3pm because we have a little one who naps around noon. Don't be afraid to recruit friends and family to look out for little odds and ends you may need for the party. Begin by looking around your house, borrow what you can, make or buy what you can't (try $1 stores first). Collect items over time and stored them in your closet or basement. Set a budget to cover decoration & food, you may not be able to fit all your ideas into this budget but try stick firm to it. I love planning parties and had a great time from beginning to end. The best part was seeing the kids and adults really going along with the theme and having a wonderful time. Don't be surprised if parents begin to recruit your services, it comes with the territory of great parties, so beware!

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