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Cinderella Party 3yr - Glass Slippers



September 2007


Miranda in Blacklick, OH USA

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Cinderella Party

My daughter picked a Cinderella theme for her third birthday.  The site we use was our suite at the soccer stadium which my husband works.  This gave something for the parents to do while the kids enjoyed the party. 

The invitations were cinderella slippers cut out of cardstock with an overhead sheet overlay.  They were hole punched and tied with a light blue ribbon.  We decorated the suite with the typical balloons.  We used a red, light blue and yellow theme (some green).  This helped coordinate the paintings/posters I painted.  Between each set of balloons we draped toole light blue ribbon and white christmas lights (wrapped together).  The posters I painted were one of the fairy godmother and Cinderealla in her coach with driver and footman.  The coach poster was four poster boards taped together.  I used an overhead projector to trace the images. 

The cake was in the shape of cinderella's castle.  I made a castle (also using an overhead).  We actually just did the front of the castle.  I taped it to the counter so that the inside of the castle was under the counter.  It was in an L" shape.  This saved space within the suite.  We the guests arrived we had a craft.  I had bought star shapped wands and frogs with crows (on a stick) and painted them white. 

I attached double sided sticky tape and when the guests arrived we removed the outside layer of the sticky tape and they added beads.  The girls added silver to their wands and the boys added green to their frogs.  We were then visited by the fairy godmother.  A friend of mine which happened to have white hair was volunteered.  My mother made her a blue robe.  She lined it with red and of course added the red ribbon.  We she arrived their mouths dropped. 

They could not believe she was real.  She brought boxes for each child.  I covered each box with white paper and added jewels and their name (printed in a fun way on the computer).  If the box was their outfit for the ball.  The girls had Cinderella outfits and one glass slipper (Grad Duke brought the other shoe later). 

The boys had a prince outfit.  I made the outfits out of youth small boys white t-shirts.  I cut out the back and added light blue ribbons to tie them.  I also cut out the sleeves.  I used light blue felt and sewed it to the front.  I also used a "skin" color for the swoop part of the neck and I added black felt to look like her black choaker. 

For the prince outfit cake and food we played a game.  I played 10 shoes (similar to the invitation) in various areas around the room.  They were numbered and outlined with a glitter paint.  The object was to find all of the shoes without getting hit by bubbles. 

We used a bubble machine and bubble gun to make the bubbles.  If they were four we would have added that they freeze when they are hit by a bubble and then the birthday girl touched them with her wand to unfreeze them. 

After the bubble/shoe game the Grad Duke played by the mascot of the soccer team (Crew Cat)brought the other glass slipper for the girls.  I found the glass slippers at Old Navy.  Old Navy did a nationwide seach because they were out of the size I need on their website.  They located them for me and I called the store and ordered them directly from the store.  They were only $3.39 a pair.  I used a purple towel to make the pillow. 

I trimmed it with gold rope and added tassels.  I also added rope to hold in each shoe.  My mother made Crew Cat a red sash to wear as the Grad Duke did.  He came in and the kids loved him.  He bent down and delivered the shoes.  He put the birthday girls on her foot. 

For favors my daughter gave each little girl and cinderella shoe necklas.  We drilled a whole in the shoes and added ribbon.  These were left over from my wedding.  I found frog (with a prince crown) picture frames which she gave to the boys. 

I printed a picture of them during the party in their prince outfit and put it in the frame.  Everyone had a great time. "

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