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Cinderella & Fairy 4yr - Cinderella Bingo



September 2008


Vinithra in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

My daughter wanted a Cinderella party but she wanted to be a fairy too. I thought about that and decided that we would incorporate both. She and her friends became the fairies and Cinderella was only an imaginary character throughout. 

Invitations:  I made a silver paper scroll that read Dear Fairy please join Cinderella and Mithali for her 4th bday celebrations at Cinderella's castle". Time and address were mentioned with the phone number at the bottom. The scroll was tied with a red satin ribbon and given to each child personally. The invit had a picture of Cinderella and a fairy that i had drawn and scanned. 

Decorations:  All the decor was in blue purple and pink for Cinderella and green for the fairy character. The main decor was a huge appliance board castle that i made in pink and purple with blue stone windows and a blue pink and purple gauze curtain at the entrance. that was a big hit. The balloons were only blue and pink. The castle had blue and purple artificial roses stuck all over. I had strung some real creepers on the walls to give it an ivy effect. That turned out quite well. I drew some pictures of fairies in their garden and stuck at various places on one main wall opposite the castle. 

Activities and games:  My son was the master of ceremonies. He invited each child in with a smile and told them the rules to enter the castle. I had made 26 pairs of slippers from glitter paper.  He gave each child one slipper and told them to find the pair that was hidden in various places in the room . If they found the pair they were allowed in. The younger ones were helped by the adults around of course.

He gave each child who entered the castle a fairy wand and crown (made by me from silver and pink and puprle glitter paper and silver glitter glue). They were also given a picture of the fairy godmother to color . All the artwork was pinned to the inner walls of the castle and the best work was judged and given a prize by the king (my husband).

The kids who finished that moved on to "pin the star on the fairy's wand" which was basically a tuned up version of pin the tail on the donkey!! i had drawn a fairy godmother with a wand minus the star. The kids had to pin the star blindfolded. They simply loved it and some of them played it thrice..

The last game was Cinderella bingo. I had made Bingo cards with pics of Cinderella downloaded form the net and also the fairies i had drawn and scanned. The kids were given one card each with nine pics on each card. As each picture was shown they had to strike it out if they had it on their cards. we had prizes for first row second row third row first five and full house... They had a ball with that game. the noise levels were super high ....  

Cake:  The cake was a castle with two tiers. I am not much of a cake maker so my sister in law got that done ( in blue purple and pink with ice cream cones for towers). It was beautiful and my daughter was so taken by the cake.. 

Snacks:  We had a proper dinner instead of snacks. We had mini star pizzas star cheese sandwiches  pink punch and mini fried snacks that looked like a castle tower. 

Favors:  The Favors were the greatest hit. I gave each child a purple or a blue watch set at midnight and a Cinderella story book that was bought at a store. But the ones that were a hit were the personalised story books i made for each child. i had written a story about a fairy and Cinderella who were best friends and the illustrations were done by me. Each child got a that book where the Fairy was that child . So it was like reading a book where that child was the main character. They were very thrilled. I had also made an eight page booklet with Cinderella activities like a castle for coloring a maze where the prince has ti find Cinderella a Cinderella crossword etc. And the last favor was a stick balloon blue for boys and pink for girls.

And all the favors were given in a pag made in blue or pink ( by me at home) with cinderella and fairy pictures on them with each child's name embossed on it as fairy "so and so".   I took photos of each kid in the castle and will be sending those out as thank you notes. I think the partyy went of very well My daughter and her friends had a ball literaly and my son who is seven was also kept completely occupied throughout helping with all the activities.    "

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