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Cinderella Party 3yr - Disney Freeze Dance



November 2001


Angie in Springfield, Missouri, USA

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Cinderella Party

We had a Cinderella party for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I thought you might be able to use some of these ideas. 

First, I decorated with colored Christmas lights (blue, purple, pink, clear) to make it seem like a ball.  We hung them all around the party area and also placed them across the table. I placed curling ribbon pieces all around the party table too.  I also bought the Cinderella tablecloth, mobile, centerpiece, Happy Birthday banner, etc. 

I used lavender and pink tablecloths on two other tables as well.  We sprinkled star confetti all around, even outside on the sidewalk leading up to the "magical" party.  We made a sign for the door with glitter that said "Welcome to Princess _____'s Party". 

We made a castle from two appliance boxes for the kids to play in and for pictures.  I set up our coffee table with glitter crayons and Cinderella coloring pages that I printed from Disney's website so the guests would have something to do to get them started as the others arrived. 

We played Stick the Slipper on Cinderella and had a Cinderella pinata.  We played Freeze Dance to Disney music.  If the kids had been a little older we would have played Pass the Slipper (like hot potato), or Find the Slipper (like a treasure hunt). 

For party favors, I got metallic silver gift bags and stuffed them with purple tissue.  The tags said "Princess Bailey", "Prince Isaiah", "Princess Kiersten", etc.  Inside was a Cinderella book, glitter crayons, little bags of Hershey kisses that I tied in little cellophane bags with purple curling ribbon, a magic wand (dollar store), a small glass slipper (found in the wedding section of the party store), 3 strands of "pearls" in lavender, blue, pink, or white (party store), a Cinderella blow out, Cinderella stickers, and a Cinderella coloring book.  (I like to stay with the theme!) 

The boys (2) had gold chocolate coins instead of kisses, castle stickers instead of Cinderella, glow in the dark stars instead of wands, a horse coloring book (Wal-Mart), a small plastic horse instead of a slipper, and a mouse book (dollar store) (both in the story). 

The cake was a castle done in blue, pink, and lavender from a local bakery.  I also made star shaped cookies and iced them in the party colors as well as magic wands made from pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate (a big hit!).  We used Cinderella plates and napkins, but clear cups.  I'd thought about using clear plastic champagne glass, but thought they were too young to handle them. 

It really was a magical scene with all the lights reflecting off the metallic bags on the party table!

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