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Cinderella 6yr - Princess Puppet Show



March 2003



Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

For my daughter's sixth birthday we decided to have a princess party.  We sent out royal invitations to six of her closest friends.  On the front of the invitations their was an embossed castle and a horse-drawn carriage--it read in french script: once upon a time there was a princess named alexandra.  Princess alex decided to have a grand party for her sixth birthday. 

You have been invited! inside:  on saturday, february 22, 2003, please join princess alex for a fun filled evening and night.  Events include a birthday dinner, cake and sherbert, games and prizes.  There will be a pajama parade as the little princesses get ready for story time and bed.  Breakfast will be served the next morning as the ladies await the arrival of their carriages. 

The cake had a cinderella figurine running towards her pumpkin carriage with stars and hearts sprinkled around and a pair of jewelled cinderella sunglasses in one courner.  The birthday princess wore a real rhinestone jewelled tiara with an outfit fit for a queen. 

For decorations:  All year i saved anything princess that i could get my hands on.  The table was decorated with disney princess table cloth and paper goods along with two sets of the disney princess tea sets, also confetti and also i glued beauty and the beast figurines to some of the tea saucers and scattered them on the table. 

On the wall behind the table was a disney princess poster.  Over head were some of the 37 hellium balloons that were scattered around the room. On the gift table was a princess table cloth with a rapunzell tower and dragon sitting on it. right besinde the table was an over 5ft. tall silver tower that i made with rapunzell's hair trailing down it. sitting beside the gift table was the thrown.  A gold chair with cushions of purple velvet decorated with beads and jewels--this was made by the birthday girl's grandmother. 

In one corner of the room we made jasmine's tent from alladin--we draped sheer fabric from the ceiling over a red velvet-lined trunk filled with dress up clothes and jewels. a floor length mirror and a giant lion and leopard sat gaurding the trunk. 

Another shorter 3ft silver tower was decorated with all of the characters from snow white glued to red velvet on the top.  The girls each recieved a sequined tiara and a jeweled purse to put all of their loot from the games in. 

Another table was decorated with a black kettle filled with "poison" apples that we would eat after a game of hot potatoe with a wooden poisoned apple.  The princess caught with the poison apple had to dramatically faint. figurines of the evil witch from snow white sat beside the kettle.  I found a ceramic cup with a little frog prince inside and the girls stood on a lilly pad and tossed rings into the cup. 

We played kiss the frog instead of pin the tail on the donkey  the girls went on a jewel hunt--I filled easter eggs with a necklace and matching bracelet and labeled the eggs with princess names ie:cinderella, ariel, jasmine---the girls had to find one "jewel" and sit back down without opening it--they then told who they were and everyone opened their jewels at the same time  in an area of the room we set up a puppet stage with 12 fairy tale puppets and the girls put on a show. 

The surprise of the evening was a "castle". My daughter received a giant trampoline with sides on it for her birthday and this was their castle.  At bed time they all had glow in the dark wands and listened to two princess stories that were projected onto the wall.  Then they climbed into their sleeping bags to watch princess movies until they fell asleep. 

The next morning the princesses had "tarts"--blueberry crumb muffins cressant rolled sausages and cheese scrambled eggs while they awaited the arrival of their carriages.

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