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Cinderella Party 4yr - Carriage Cake



July 2003


Rachel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Cinderella Party

Cinderella party.  For my daughter's 4th birthday we celebrated princess style!

First, she was wearing the official Disney Cinderella dress, hair piece etc and transparent plastic high heel shoes with a blue bow on top.  We styled her long brown hair just like Cinderella. All her guests were invited to wear their best dress or a ball dress and a tiara is they wanted.

The house was decorated with silver and pearl white ballons and many many garlands all in white, silver and light blue. The girls had lunch in fancy light blue plastic plates which almost looked like crystal. They were bought at a local party supply store. 

They drank gingerale or so we called it that day "champagne" in clear plastic white glasses (again purchase at the party store). As a souvenir, each guest had a small clear plastic shoes (usually used at weddings) filled with small white peppermint candies. The shoes were gathered with a soft light blue net-type of fabric so we could see the shoes through it.

The cake was a large slab covered with white icing and sprinkled with white eatable sparkles. It was decorated with the round horse carriage made from the Wilton Cakes sport ball and covered with white and light blue icing. The carriage wheels were made of white bendable floral wire and bent to resemble the wheels jusst like in the Disney book. I purchased a small white toy horse and used a string of white plastic pearls to make the reins. I also used a small PVC Cinderella to stand beside her carriage. 

As a crafty activity, out of blue poster board, I cut a large shoe shape. The girls each decorated their shoe with feathers, sparkles, shinny stickers etc.

However,the best part of the party for the girls was most probably the visit from a very special guest....yep! Prince Charming was here! I recruited a tall, dark and handsom friend to be our prince wearing a reproduction of the official Disney custom.  I burned a CD with The Walz of Venice which last about 8 minutes as well as Pink Floyds "Time" song. Plenty of time for the prince the walz each and every girl for about 1 minute. Prior to the dance each girl received a pair of plastic fancy shoes (purchased at any dollar stores).

Once the walz was over the Pink Floyd "Time" songs started which for the first 30 seconds it a bunch of clocks all ringing at once. At that point the girls had been instructed to run away to my daughters bedroom and to accidently each leave one shoe in the hallway. 

The prince pick the shoes up and one by one the girls came back to have the prince fit them with their respectable shoe. They all got the keep the shoes too! 

This party was the talk of the town and her friends cannot wait for it. It will be in July and will be "Alice in Wonderland"… will keep you posted! :-)

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