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Curious George -1yr- Big Yellow Hat Cake



July 2006


Jennifer in Newark, DE USA


Curious George Party

Curious George-1st Birthday 

My son received a Curious George doll and book from friends when he was born. He really enjoys his "George" as we call him, so I even got him a mini "George" to take in the car, sleep with, etc. So, it was only appropriate that we throw him a George birthday. I was so happy to find online Classic Curious George party supplies but wanted to include my own touches (I am not a fan of the Curious George from the movie from last year). 

I really like printed, personalized invitations but couldn't find "just the right" Curious George ones. So, I ordered the Curious George stationery set, which includes 12 sheets of writing paper with George balancing on the beach ball at the top on a yellow background (the back of the paper is red with yellow drawings), 12 envelopes (4 each of red, yellow, and blue), and 9 postcards. I printed my own invitations on the writing paper, in Comic Sans font (in blue to match the blue on the beach ball). The top says "What fun-Jack is turning 1! Come join us for a "Curiously" good time as we celebrate Jack's 1st birthday!" and then includes the party details. I am saving the postcards to use for thank you notes. On my computer, I made the address labels, and the return address labels include the same image of Curious George from the paper.  

Now that invitations were handled, my attention turned to party favors. I love to throw parties and given that my son would only turn one once, wanted to commemorate the party. First thing I found online was a Curious George plastic stadium cup. I ordered enough so that each guest will have a cup to take home. In addition, I saw very cute magnets and while I thought they were adorable, I couldn't justify to myself the $4 per magnet.

So, I found 4 cute Curious George images and downloaded them to my computer. I then personalized them with "Jack's 1st Birthday Party" and the date of his party. For $11, I got 4 sheets of magnet paper from Staples and could print 32 magnets (a much better deal AND personalized which was not an option with the ones online). I will give 2 magnets per couple/family, and am packaging them in red and yellow cellophane bags closed with ribbon.  

For the kids, I wanted to have some things they would like and that were tied in to the Curious George theme, but the kids coming range in age from 2 months-13 years, so favors for them would vary with age. All will receive their favors in small canvas bags (5 for $4.99 at my local Joann Fabrics store) which I am ironing on a Curious George transfer and personalizing with their name in fabric paint. All kids will receive Curious George bubbles, a sheet of stickers, party blower, a bookmark, and a mini beach ball.

The younger kids will get a mini Curious George doll, while the older ones will get (all Curious George, of course!) sidewalk chalk, a mini-notebook and a fold outz (which is one of those storyboards with reusable stickers to make different scenes).  

For the cake, I found directions online for making a replica of the Big Yellow Hat. Instead of making one large cake like that, I'm going to make small replicas of the hat with the Wilton Mini Wonder pan-I can make 4 at a time. One hat will be dedicated solely for my son to smash. I will supplement the hats with cupcakes iced in blue, yellow, and red icing. With having the individual cakes, its nice that I can make some vanilla and some chocolate since people like my husband are not able to eat chocolate.  

Deocrations include a Curious George pail that I will put the red and yellow plasticware in for guests to use; a wooden Curious George car, our Curious George book, and balloons in red, yellow, and blue. My son has a blue Curious George shirt to wear with the picture of George being carried away by a bunch of balloons. We will use plain yellow and red napkins with the Classic Curious George plates and stadium cups.

We will also layer the Curious George tablecloth over plain yellow and red ones. One of our gifts for our son is a Curious George wooden peg and hammer toy-I'm sure he'll have hours of fun and we'll probably be sorry that we ever bought it, but it will fit perfectly with this birthday theme, and will be a good memento! 

I look forward to using the Curious George scrapbook kit to memorialize this party in his baby book!

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