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Curious Simple Fun -7yr- Curious Mask Craft



May 2011


Naomi in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada


Curious George Party

My son Logan chose Curious George as his 7th birthday party theme. 

I made the INVITATIONS in a banana shape with yellow paper and glued a small black and white picture of Curious George with a birthday cake (found on PBS kids website).  He invited 5 friends.

DECORATIONS: I decorated with yellow,green and blue hellium balloons attached to real bananas and Logan's big sister had drawn a big Curious George that we hanged on the wall. 

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES:  While waiting for all the children to arrive the kids could color Curious George coloring pages.  The first activity was making Curious George masks using the printed Curious George on white paper that kids would color and then glue on a more solid but flexible brown crarboard, make holes on each side and attach with elastic strings.  I had already cut the eye holes on both the coloring paper and cardboard.  I took the time to take pictures of the children with their masks and the birthday boy with his mask on also! 

After we went outside for the homemade pinata made with papier mache and green silk paper, decorated with yellow paper bananas.  Since candies were not an option, I put little individual bags of plantain chips snacks and yellow ballons in the pinata.  After, we had a banana hunt, they had to look everywhere for real bananas.

Finally, the kids took turns on the Tarzan rope hanging on a big tree branch in our backyard which I had not thought of in the first place but turned out to be pretty ''monckeyish''.  They all had fun with this outside entertainment even if it was winter with a couple feet of snow! I Had also planned on baking banana cookies with the children but didn't have time.

CAKE:  We came back inside for cake and icecream, I also made the cake myself, it had three stacks of banana cake, decorated with blue icing and Curious Georges face and neck that I draw with icing. The party was coming to an end and the guests where eager to give their gifts so they did, this was the opportunity to take pictures of my son with each friend.

FAVORS: the guests left with their plantain chips, banana found at the hunt, ballon and masks.

Everyone had fun.  Later I sent pictures to each guest to thank them.  I got all the printables from .  We repeated most of the activities on his second party for the family the next day with Logan's older and younger siblings, cousins and the rest of family guests.  This was also a success!

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