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Dalmatian Party -5yr- Find the Dalmatians!



October 2000


Eileen in Farmingdale, New York, USA


Dalmatian Party

Dalmatian Birthday Party 

My 5 year old insisted on a Dalmatian party this year.  It was tough because 102 Dalmatians is coming out soon and most of the Dalmatian things hadn't been released to the stores yet.  Decorations:  Simple with Red, White and black balloons and accessories.  My 7 yr. old and friends made a huge dog bone from oaktag and decorated it to hang over the entrance. 

Goody Bags:  Got white lunch bags and took a black stamp pad and cut a sponge and made black spots on all the bags.  Filled the bags with Dalmatian Paddle balls, earrings, stickers and pencils.  Also found at Oriental Trading dog bone shaped candy! On the computer and made labels with every party guests name on it and a paw print and sealed the bag with the label. 

Games:  Purchased a bone shaped squeak toy at the pet shop and played pass the bone (hot potato) to the music of the Baha Men and "Who Let the Dogs Out" the girls also played freeze dancing to this song! 

From another idea on this web page we played toss the bone into the dog dish.  The Children loved the next game the most.  First I hid a laundry basket filled with stuffed Dalmatians before the party.  Then I told the children a story of how Cruella Deville had struck again and kidnapped the puppies and it was up to us to find them and to give the puppies a home. 

Then we followed clues that read:  Little Boy Blue come blow your horn, The sheeps in the meadow the clues in the corn.  And it was hidden in the cornstalk on our front lawn.  There were about 5 clues that led to a key that unlocked our shed and there were the puppies, each with a party guests name on it! 

The Kids were so excited with the dogs that we could have ended the party there!!!  Of course, we had a Dalmatian piƱata! 

Craft:  Since it was around Halloween I purchased small pumpkins and made a kit for each child that consisted of: 2 ears made from the "funfoam" in spotted print, 2 white pom poms (this goes under the nose and above the tongue) , 1 black pom pom (Nose), 2 jiggle eyes, red felt tongue, and a tail.  With elmers glue the kids transformed their pumpkins into Dalmatians!  (You might want to put black dots on them before the kids come). 

Cake:  Carvel drew a Dalmation on the cake and we had dog bone shaped sugar cookies! 

This web page has been so helpful to me I hope some of our ideas help you!  Have a great party!

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