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Dalmatian -4yr- Hot Dog Bone (Like Hot Potato)



April 2005


Mari in Lacey, Washington, USA


Dalmatian Party

My daughter had a Dalmation party for her fourth birthday. 

The invitations had dalmations on them, and I put black spots all over the envelopes.  Keeping with that theme, the pinjata was a dalmation and I painted black spots on the white balloons tied with black ribbon.

For party favors, I made white hairbows for each of the girls, using white ribbon with black spots on  them.  For the boys, I painted black spots on white visors.  They all looked so cute! 

Up the sidewalk and inside on the walls we put cut out puppy paws. 

The cake decoration was an icing photo copy of the front of the invitation.

One of the games we played was hot dogbone (like hot potato).  The kids sat in a circle, and passed around a big dog biscuit until the music stopped.  Whoever had the dog biscuit in their hand was out and got a candy surprise while they watched the game progress. 

We played a fetch game where the kids stood in two lines, and as each team yelled Fetch, did a relay race to carry a dog toy over a line on the road, and get back to their line until each had gone.

The last game was to drop little doggy biscuits into a can while standing on a step stool.

We served snacks in dog bowls we purchased from the dollar store. 

The goody bags were white paper bags I painted with black spots and tied shut with a red ribbon.

We watched 101 Dalmations until each child got picked up and everyone took a balloon home with them.

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