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Dalmatian Party -3yr- Wear Black & White Please



June 2001


Kari in Morton, IL  USA

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Dalmatian Party

Dalmatian Party for a Boy Age 3 

For my son's birthday party we took a few of his friends to see the new 102 Dalmatian movie...the following day (Sunday) we invited several family members and friends to help us celebrate his 3rd birthday.  The children were asked to wear black and white to the party. 

When they arrived they were given a set of Dalmatian ears to wear.  These were made by simply adapting spotted cow headbands (on clearance after Halloween).  I cut longer dog ears out of Dalmatian style fur from the fabric store and glue gunned them on.  Using the same fur I also made tails by folding and gluing a long strip of the fur together.  We pinned these on the kids pants.  We also painted a black nose on each of the kids using a washable marker (it worked easier than the make-up).

For a craft each of the kids (with assistance) decorated a red felt strip collar with craft gems.  They each chose a puppy name that we wrote onto the collar.  I used adhesive Velcro tabs to attach collars on each child's neck.  There were a few older children at the party and they took on the job of teaching all our puppies a trick. 

When they were ready, the kids came upstairs and did a dog show - demonstrating their special trick on command…they received a cocktail wiener as a reward.  The adults at the party loved it. 

The kids had a ball playing puppies all night together as the adults enjoyed relaxing.  As a special guest we had "Pongo" (a friends Dalmatian) stop by to see all the kids…they were so excited and actually thought it was the dog from the movie. 

The house was decorated with red, white and black accents…balloons, streamers, etc.  The focal point was our kitchen table which had a red table cloth, white foam plates set around with Dalmatian napkins and red plastic cups with the kids puppy name printed on each. 

In the center of the table I placed a chocolate Oreo cake from Baskin Robbins topped with a Cruella Devil figurine.  Around the cake I made individual cupcakes (chocolate with white frosting and black spots) and placed a 101 Dalmatian puppy figurine on top of each one.  The kids had funny choosing the puppy cupcake they wanted the adults enjoyed the Oreo/ice-cream cake.  I also had made bone shaped cut out cookies and set them around the center of the table for everyone to munch on.  Our son received many fun Dalmatian gifts. 

We made thank you notes on our computer that simply had "Bow Wow" on the front then Jack helped me put some Dalmatian stickers on to decorate.  On the inside it said "That's Dalmatian for thank you very much".  They were simple, but cute. 

Overall, it was a cheap and easy party the kids had a great time and the adults were able to enjoy themselves as well including me which is why I loved this party so much.

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