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Dalmatian Party -1yr- Canine Crunches Cereal Box



August 2001


Melissa in Clermont, Florida, USA

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Dalmatian Party

My daughter loves puppies so for her 1st birthday we had a Dalmatian Party. 

For the invitations I made invitations out of white poster board, put a red piece of tape across the bottom, with a notary seal in the middle for a dog color, drew a dog face on each card and wrote the name of each child on the tag, and drew spots all over the front and back of the card. 

The message inside said, Pong, Perdita and Desiree' (child's name) are having a Polka-dot Puppy Party at The Dalmatian Plantation (address) on (date) at (time) Roof!SVP: (Phone). 

Then as each child arrived we place dog ears on each, which I had made out of spotted material, and dog collars made out of red ribbon and aluminum foil for the tag, and wrote each child's name on the tag.  Then the were sent to the Dog Biscuit Bakeshop, a table set up with a sign, with ready made chocolate chip cookie dough, each child shaped their own doggy bone out of the cookie dough then put their name on it with chocolate chips. I had someone bake them during the party so they could take them home in their favor doggy bag. 

I made a 3D Dalmatian cake out of 2 loaf pans, white and black icing, and fruit roll up for the collar and tongue, and a 3D dog house.  We used chocolate chip ice cream. 

I had Dog food cans (baby formula cans)  filled with dog food (cocoa puffs cereal) sitting on all the tables. Then I decorated a cereal box to look like Canine Crunches to refill the cans with during the party. 

I hung Dalmatian pictures all around the room, black and white balloons, white streamer with black spots painted on, white tablecloths, plates, cups, with black spots painted on.  We had Dalmatians toys all over the room.  We played pin the tail on the Dalmatian.  Dog catcher, on child had a fishing net, that child was it and had to tag the other children. 

We played Buried Bones, same as a Easter egg hunt except with doggy bones, then I drew a Dalmatian on a large box and cut out a hole for the mouth, so the children could play feed the dog, they threw doggy bones in the mouth. 

My daughter was dressed in a white t-shirt with black spots painted on, and black pants, and white shoes with spots painted on also. 

I made the goody bags out of felt and sewed a paw print on each one. 

We had puppy prints cut out of black poster board taped everywhere on the floor. 

The party was a success, my daughter will be turning 2 next month and everyone is already saying they can't wait to see what we come up with this year!

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