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101 Dalmatians -1yr- Bark Relay Race



March 2002


Kristin in Ft. Washington, MD USA

Honorable Mention

Dalmatian Party

101 Dalmatians - 1 year old  My daughter's 1st birthday was a 101 Dalmatians Party.  The ages of the children attending ranged from 1 to 8 years old and there were 10 children at the party. 

For the invitations I made a Dalmatian dog face (just eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and spots) on a 1/2 sheet of white cardstock.  I used red electrical tape (from Giant) for the dog collar and attached a gold notorial seal with a #1 on it. 

When the children arrived, I had 3 stations set up.  They could make Dalmatian headbands, dog bone sugar cookies, and dog collars.  The headbands were made from white and black felt.  I cut a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of felt the length of the child's head.  I also cut out ear shapes from the white and then stapled them to the headband in a pinch and tuck manner.  Then the kids (with parental help) glued their spots where they wanted. 

For the cookies, I had made sugar cookie dough in advance and chilled into balls.  The children rolled out their dough and cut it out with a bone shaped cookie cutter.  They decorated them with sprinkles. 

The dog collars were made from a piece of red grosgrain ribbon with a hole punched in it.  The kids wrote their name on cardstock (they picked color) and punched a hole in the top to attach to a paper clip.  The paper went through the hole in the ribbon. 

Once all of the puppies were ready with their costumes and treats, we played games.  Pass the Dalmatian puppy, bark relay, and find the bone.  We also had the movie playing in the background. 

For food we had dog shaped pb&j sandwiches, cheerios served in a large (new) dog bowl and fruit salad. 

The cake was a 2-tier round with doggie footprints piped all over in brown frosting and bordered in red and yellow.  I found a Dalmatians candle and used that for the topper.  The  ice cream, I made individual sundaes.  I used chocolate chip ice cream and made a large scoop for the head.  I used a melon scoop for the snout. 

For the ears, I cut Oreo cookies in half and put half on each side.  The eyes were M&Ms, the nose a mini marshmallow.  I used leftover frosting to pipe on the details.  I made these in advance and kept them in the freezer.  The kids liked the ice cream the best. 

Everyone had a great time at the party.  Don't forget to take pictures!

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