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Farm Theme -3yr- Feed Bag Favors



Jan. 2004


Jacqui in Munger, Michigan

Honorable Mention

Farm Party

Farm birthday - 3 year old  November 2003 My husband is a farmer and we live on a farm and my son has started to show such an interest in tractors we decided to use a farm theme. 

We planned on the party being held entirely outside so I purchased some barnyard invitaions and wrote on the inside "A toddler Brett will no longer be, because he will be the big 3, so put on you blue jeans and best flannel shirt and listening to the weather report might not hurt, because the party will be held entirely outside because we'll be celebrating with tractor, horse and hayrides." 

I decorated that day with barnyard table cloths and banners purchased at a local party supply store.   I had called a local farmer and he let us borrow several bales of straw which we used as seating for the kids and then used them later for the hay ride. 

When the kids arrived I gave them all a cowboy hat and let them pick a bandana of their choice (both purchased from oriental trading).  The kids were from 2-5 years old so I didn't want to get a pinata, so I spread out a bale of straw and hid in it a variety of things purchased from the dollar store. 

I gave each child a small gift bag with "_________ feed bag" written on the outside and they all got to dig in the straw until everything was found.  We also played pin the tire on the tractor.  I made the tractor from green poster board and the different tires from black and yellow poster board and played it just like the traditional game. 

We had a tractor cake and ice cream and then was the surprise for the kids.  I contacted another local farmer and he brought over a horse for the kids to ride --free of charge. 

After the kids finished taking their turn riding the horse, they all sat around on the straw bales and opened presents, and then we loaded the kids all on the wagon and pulled them with a tractor for a hay ride around the neighborhood.  The wagon was decorated with balloons and the kids, all wearing their hats and bandanas, enjoyed waving to all the local farmers.

When they left they all got a farm goody bag full of different items for orietal trading, and I had green, red, and yellow tractor suckers made ( with "thank you for coming to my party-Brett" stuck on the wrapper and my son gave them all to his guests when they left.

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