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Farm Party -2yr- Personalized Stick Horses



June 2006


Andrea in Vancouver, WA  USA

Honorable Mention

Farm Party

For my 2 year old daughter's birthday we decided to throw a farm party.  I used several ideas from this site and a few of my own and everyone had a blast.  12 children ages 1-5), and 6 adults came. 

For the announcements I found some clipart of a barn and printed it on some red cardstock.  I then took some cream colored cardstock and printed out the words " Farmer Kate is turning two, come join us at her farm and we will celebrate with you."  I glued the red barns onto the cream cardstock and cut out the barn doors so you opened them to see the announcement.  The loft opened up as well to reveal a rooster.  My daughter loved the cards and carried one around for days. 

The party went from 10 to 11:30am.  I wanted it to be short and fun for the small kids.  I decided with so many little kids having stations they could go to at their leaisure was the best options.  I painted cardboard to look like old wooden signs and labeled each of the station with words and a clip art picture of what was at that station. 

Children were greeted at the door with signs saying welcome to Kate's Farm.  When the kids came in they all put on pig noses (made them out of painted egg cartons and pipe cleaners), and pig ears (made out of pink cardstock).  They were then given a farm bag (brown lunch bag) to decorate with markers and felt farm animal stickers.  After all of the kids had arrived we headed out side for the farm tour.  I took them on a tour of the back yard and told them about each of the stations and what they could do there. 

After the tour they were given free rein to do what they wanted at the stations.  There was a sheep yard where they could make sheep puppets.  It was a very simple craft they all had fun making.  I printed out a bunch of sheep on cardstock and cut them out.  They glued popsicle sticks on them and cotton balls and googly eyes. 

There was a garden station where they could plant their own seeds in a peet pellet and take it home in a ziplock bag.  Their was a pig pen.  I set up a pig pen with pink balloon pigs in it.  There were fly swatters they could use to herd the pigs into the yard and in the pen.  If I were to do this over I would use pink balls.  A few of the kids found it much more enjoyable to pop the pigs rather than herd them.  Oh well, they had fun. 

There was a duck pond.  The duck pond was a kiddie pool with a little water in it and rubber duckies.  There were 2 nets the kids could use to catch the ducks and haul them out of the water.  There was a "Fishin Hole" as well which was the favorite station for most of the kids.  I used another kiddie pole without water in it for the fish pond.  I found some really cool fish clip art and printed out the fish onto card stock.  I then taped some candy to the back of each fish and put a paper clip on its mouth.  I made fishing poles with sticks and twine and magnets. 

There was a stable as well.  I made stick horses for each of the kids.  They turned out really cute.  I made them off of a pattern I found on the web a tweaked a little bit.  They were made out of fleece and faux fur and the sticks were made out of one by one that I rounded the edges and sanded and painted.  They were really neat and I made lots of different colors; red, purple, navy blue, black, light grey, dark grey, and cream.  Once they chose their horse we put their names and the stick and they could ride them around the farm.  We had a few horse races which the kids enjoyed a lot. 

After the kids seemed to be ready to move on we came inside the dairy barn and had some cow cake ( I made 2 with the recipe on family fun) and icecream.  While they were eating the cake and icecream my husband went and set up the hen house.  He scattered plastic eggs filled with candy and plastic farm animals around the yard.  The kids were then told how many of each they could pick up and they went on the hunt for the farm animals and eggs.  After that it was time for presents and we were done. 

All the kids seemed to have fun and be entertained and from what the parents say are still playing with their stick horses.

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