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Farm Party -2yr- Backyard Farm



November 2008


Trina in FuquayVarina, NC ,USA

Honorable Mention

Farm Party

I had a Farm party for my 2 year old daughter. I got great ideas from this site!

Invitations: The invitations were photo greeting cards with my daughter's picture and a farm background. The caption read: Oink oink Moo moo I'm turning 2! Party at Name Farm. 

Activities:  I transformed our house and backyard into a farm.  We had an indoor (tent) barn filled with stuffed farm animals and many other farm toy sets inside for the kids to play with before we went outside. We sang old McDonald had a farm and each kid had to pick an animal from the barn and sing when their animal came up. We also had a reading corner with farm and animal books on a quilt for parents to read to their little ones.  Outside the bakyard was divided into farming stations. 

The stable was another tent with stick horses, cowboy hats, and a bucket of hay".  The chicken coop was a cube storage set. I placed "hay" a plush chicken and several plastic easter eggs in each cube.  I had empty egg cartons and a basket for collecting eggs to sell at the farmer's market.  The pig pen was an area sectioned off with garden fencing.  Inside were four pink soccer sized balls that we had drawn pig faces on and glued pipe cleaner tails on.  The kids had to throw all of the pigs out of the pen and get them back in without using their hands. 

The carrot patch was a large shallow storage container that I filled with uncooked oatmeal for dirt.  Inside I had some beach shovels and plastic carrots that the kids could plant.  There was also a toy wheelbarrow at this station so the kids could take their carrots to sell at the farmer's market.  The pumpkin patch was a group of mini pumpkins (October Party).  Each child took one home. 

The Farmer's market was a table a toy cash register and some plastic eggs and other foods and brown paper shopping bags for the kids to buy and sell the stuff from other stations. 

The planting station had small tin pails potting soil plastic shovel flower seeds and water.  The kids planted their seeds and took their plants home. 

The duck pond was a small kidie pool with a little bit of water and rubber birthday ducks.  Each child took one duck home. My husband rode the kids around in a real wheelbarrow. The kids each made a farm scene/barn by gluing a red plasttic cup turned down onto a sheet of green paper.  I cut out a door in the cup.

Decorations:  I made large 3 dimensional animals that were all around the yard.  I made a milking cow from a saw horse.  I glued a cardboard cow face on one end and made a yarn tail on the other.  I covered the rest of the cow in felt and tied a rubber glove in the middle for utters.  The glove was filled with water and thee kids could milk the cow.  I made a horse the same way and the kids could sit on it and pretend to ride.  We made a sheep with poster board and hundreds of cotton balls.  We also made another cow horse and pig from poster board and felt.  Other decorations included giant crow farmers and scarecrows.  

Party snacks: we had  fried chicken corn on the cob biscuits salad tea and lemonade.  I made a cupcake cake and put farm animals around it. 

Favors:  Each child got a gift bag with a CD of kids farm music the ducks several plastic farm animals a pumpkin a bandana and their plants and barn scenes.  Thank you note was another photo greeting card with a pic.of my daughter in front of all the 3-D animals.  The kids had a ball!"

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