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Old MacDonald -3yr- Bandana Invite



April 2003



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Farm Party

For my son's 3rd birthday party, I decided to use Old MacDonald had a farm as my party theme because every time I pick up my son from preschool he only wants to hear that song.  

INVITATIONS: Use cardstock paper to make barn.  The main barn doors opened with all the party information, and the doors opening to the loft had a farm animal inside.  Place the barn invitation inside a red bandana with a little hay inside.  Used jute rope to tie the bandanna around the invitation. One corner of the bandanna was flipped down which showed a picture of my son as a farmer on a farm.  I used a clipart picture of a farmer on a farm and replaced the head of the farmer with my son's head.  Everyone loved receiving their invitations.  Everyone was asked to wear overalls or farm attire.  Parents were asked to wear the bandanna that the invitations came with to the party.  

DECORATIONS:  Using a large 6 drawer chest box located at a furniture store created a barn.  The barn doors opened from the back and front.  Two saw horses were used to create a cow and a horse, which was positioned at the sides of the barn. A relative had a chicken and a rooster that was very sensitive to sound.  The slight noise caused the chicken and rooster to cluck or crow.   I make a nest for the chicken and rooster and sat in the loft where my toddler guest could hear it.

Hay was placed around the barn as well as in the mouths of my cow and horse.  A stool and bucket was placed by the cow for milking.  I attached a rubber glove with water inside to the cow.  A little girl asked a week later was there water or milk inside the cow.   Under my car porch, I scattered hay around and had three bail of hay stacked in a pyramid to place the presents.  Checked red and white table clothes were placed on top of the hay when the toddler guest were being feed.  Red, yellow, orange and greens balloons were placed along the fence.   At the opening of the fence, red bandanna fabric was draped.  

FOOD: Fried chicken, mash potatoes w/ gravy, corn on the cob, green salad and lemonade. THE PARTY: Each toddler guest received a farm animal headband.  Each toddler had to paint their had and make an imprint on a poster board that had the party theme and picture of my son in stages (Birth, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and present.  

ACTIVITES: SOWING THE SEEDS each child got a chance to plant seeds in their very own pot.  Germination tags were placed on the pots so that the child could continue to care for it at home.  

Old time favorite, PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY was played. 

PIG OUT CONTEST was a game where gelatin was placed on a small tray and the kids had to place their hands behind their back and who ever finished eating all the gelatin won the game. 

LOST ANIMAL ROUND UP was a chance to give the kids something to remember my son's party.  I purchased mini bean bag farm animals from Oriental Trading Co. and attached tags on them stating the animals name, that it was found the child, at Old Mac(my son's name) and date and theme of my son's party.  I hid the animals in the hay and inform the kids that we had to locate the missing animals. 

Final activity was STUCK IN THE BARN.  The barn doors opened from the front and the back.  We played the song Old MacDonald had a Farm.  As the kids went through the barn the song would be playing.  Once the music stopped, whoever was stuck in the barn also was out (of the game that is).  

GRAND FINALE: Hay ride.  I used a relative's trailer he used for hauling items. We took the bails of hay were the presents once seat and put them on the trailer.  All the toddlers got on the trailer and away we went around the neighborhood waving at everyone.    EVERYONE LOVED IT (THE KIDS, PARENTS, AND PASSERBYERS).

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