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Farm Theme -2yr- Kids Made Hats, Pig or Cow



Jan. 2004


Goudeau in Amissville, VA  USA

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Farm Party

For my son's second birthday we did a "Farm" Theme because he loved farm animals. 

I made the invitations - they were ADORABLE but did take a while to make.  I made a red and white barn out of thick scrapbooking construction paper and cut it down the middle to make two halves.  I folded green paper to make the base of the invitation so that it opened in the middle. (I put the barn halves on each of the front flaps so that you were actually opening the barn to open the invitation.)  Inside, I glued a piece of paper that I'd printed from the computer - it said, "Join Nick and his Barnyard Buddies on ..." and had pictures of farm animals along the bottom (like they were in the barn). 

When the kids got to the party, they made their own party hats.  Moms and Dads had to help them because the kids were mostly younger.  They could make either a Pig hat or a Cow hat.  For the pigs, I had pink party hats.  The kids could glue on Pig ears, which I cut out of regular pink construction paper.  (I had paper plates with liquid glue - they dipped q-tips in the glue to use it.)  They also got pig noses which I made before hand out of egg cartons.  I cut out each egg compartment and painted them pink.  I then cut out two slits for the nostrils (with an exacto knife) and tied pink ribbons on either side so they could tie them around their heads.  Finally, the pigs got a long piece of think construction paper that they got to curl around a pencil to make a pig tail. 

The cows got a black party hat (I couldn't find black ones so I took a regular color and spray painted them - this was REALLY easy.)  They had white odd shaped spots to glue on the hat and they also got to glue on black cow ears.  They got "cow bells" to wear as necklaces.  Again, I used egg carton compartments.  I just cut them out, left them the same color, cut two holes in the top which fed in a ribbon and put a bell inside.  We made the hats as soon as they got there and I set them out during the party to let the glue dry. 

We then went outside for the games.  I'd decorated the yard with painted animals that I'd painted onto foam construction paper and staked into the ground.  The first game was "Put the animals back in the barn."  We actually have a shed that looks like a barn but you could make one out of a big box.  We bought decorative mini fencing (that you'd put around a flower garden) to look like a white farm fence.  I think we bought three packs - they connect and stick into the ground.  We put them around the front of the "barn" and left one of the sections open. 

We told the kids, "Oh, no!  The animals all got out of the farmer's fence!  You have to help the farmer put the animals back in his fence!"  We gave each child a plastic wheelbarrow and let them look around for the "animals" which were just about three dozen small stuffed animals.  We used beanie babies, regular stuffed animals, and mini stuffed animals we'd bought from Oriental Trading.  The kids put the animals in their wheelbarrow and wheeled them over to the fence.  For the first two animals they put in they got a sticker - one on each hand.  When the put the third one in, they got a flavor ice pop.  (It was really hot that day so we thought it'd cool them off and they aren't really that messy.) 

After they ate their pops, they played another game.  Inside the fence, I'd placed a farmer that I'd painted onto foam construction paper.  I cut out a hole for the head.  Kids got to throw the mini-bean bag farm animals that we'd bought from oriental trading (that the kids had just "put back into the fence") into the farmer's head. 

After that game, the kids played in the yard for a while and took turns putting their heads into the farmer head hole and we took picutres of each child as a farmer and sent the prints in the thank you notes. 

We went inside for a while so the kids could cool off.  The kids watched the Kids Songs Old MacDonald's Farm video and colored in their coloring books which my sister had made for each child from downloading farm animal prints off of the internet.  We then had lunch outside under some of our trees.  We used hay bales for the kids to sit on at the kids tables.  We thought they'd be prickly, so we covered the fronts with plastic tablecloths.  We bought a twelve pack of red and white checked tablecloths (country/farm looking)from Oriental Trading for $9.95!  We used these for all of the tables and the hay as well. 

We had a farm lunch theme - fried chicken that we got from our Super Walmart (cheap!), fruit salad, corn on the cob, potato chips, potato salad, develed eggs, and lemonade.  We also had chicken nuggets for most of the kids. 

I'd made three animal cakes (from Family Fun) - a pig, cow, and sheep.  They were SOOOOO cute - the sheep was covered with marshmallows and chocolate chips.  The kids all wore their pig and cow hats and accessories for the cake - it looked so cute!! 

After the cake, we had a pinata that was a horse.  Since the kids were all little, we used one of the pull-string kind.  We then went inside and had presents.  Finally, kids got their goodie bags which were just white lunch bags with their names and farm stickers on the front.  We filled them with farm themed goodies that we bought mostly from Oriental Trading.  It was a hot day but the kids all loved the party!

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