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Fear Factor Party -6yr- Fried Pig Brains



November 2005


Julie in Taylor, TX  USA

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Fear Factor Party

This one may be a bit long but well worth reading. I wanted to do something different for my son's 8th birthday so we decided on having a fear factor party and luckily my son's birthday is right after Halloween so the stores were filled with gross stuff. I combined several ideas from this website with a few of my own.

For the invitations, I bought some dark yellow vellum paper from Hobby Lobby and made them from my computer. I used the fear factor logo and pictures of gross bugs. It started by saying...If fear is not a factor for you, then put your fears to the test and see if you come out the best. Be ready for the challenge on Sat. November 1st at 2:00 at Tyler's house. RSVP if you dare. I did also include a note to the parents to please dress your child in play clothes because they will get dirty and let me know if your child has any food or insect allergies. It's a good thing I did because I was going to do one more stunt but one of the kids was allergic to eggs.

Thankfully the weather was great. It seems to rain almost every year on my son's birthday so I was a little hesitant to do this at first. So that everyone could participate in all of the stunts, I divided the kids into 2 teams. I took a bag and placed orange and black wristbands in it and had them reach in and grab one. Whatever color they got is what team they were on. This way it was fair. I also made a scoreboard with the fear factor logo on. We kept up with the score and the team with the most points won a prize. For the prizes, I found small versions of great kid games and the best part was I found them at the dollar store. By looking at them you would have never thought they only cost a dollar.

I decided to do the eating stunt first while their hands were still clean. We had baked cow eyeballs which were meatballs with a little bit cut out of the top and filled with sour cream and topped with a slice of a green olive. They really looked like eyeballs. We also had dirty worms which were gummy worms dipped in honey and rolled in crushed up oreos to look like dirt and fried pig brains.

To make the brains I took cocoa puffs, marshmallows, butter and pink candy melts. You make them like rice crispy treats. Melt the butter and marshmallows then remove from heat and add pink candy melts, stir until melted then add cocoa puffs. Take a sheet of wax paper and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Mold into brains. You can also take red gel icing and drizzle on top. I had one member from each team compete against each other. Each child got 1 eyeball, 1 brain and 1 worm. The first person to finish everything on their plate won 3 points for their team. I even made a menu and placed it in front of them to make them think they were really eating this stuff. It had the fear factor logo on top.

Below that it said today's specials Appetizer: Dirty Worms, Main Course: Baked Cow Eyeballs, Side Dish: Fried Pig Brain, Dessert: Birthday Cake, Beverages: Punch. After that we moved on to the pool of rats. I took a clear under bed storage container and filled it with water and 10 rubber rats. Each child had to 30 seconds to grab as many rats as they could using only their mouth and place them in a bucket. They would receive one point for each rat they successfully placed in the bucket.

This one was hilarious. I was surprised how many kids wanted to do it again. Cricket dig was our next stunt. I took an aquarium and filled it with crickets and hissing cockroaches that I bought a local pet store. I placed 10 squishy, sticky eyeballs in the bottom of the aquarium. Each child had 15 seconds to grab as many eyeballs as they could, one at a time, and place them in a cup. They earned 1 point for their team for each eyeball they grabbed. Some of the kids were scared to try this one at first.

For our last stunt, I took a small clear container and placed fake worms in it, like the kind you use for fishing (they looked real) and potting soil. I hid the keys to some handcuffs in it before each child went. They had 1 minute to find the keys and unlock themselves then run over to a board that was placed on top of cinder block at each end and transfer as many flags as they could from one side of the board to the other without falling. They would earn 1 point for each flag. For this, I used a banner of flags that I found at a party supply store and cut them apart. Then a stapled a little piece of velcro to the back of each flag and stapled a long strip of velcro to each end of the board so the flags could be removed easily.

Next, we had cake, ice cream and punch. I had a cake made with the Fear Factor logo on it and bought lots of bugs and placed them on top of the cake. I gave each one of the kids a treat bag which I made myself because there aren't any ff party supplies, even online. I took small yellow paper bags that I found at the party supply store and used the yellow paper to make decorations for the bag that said,"I survived Tyler's Fear Factor birthday party." Inside the bags were glow in the dark bugs, bug tattoos, candy, an eyeball whoopie cushion, and slime with a big bug in it. The party was a huge hit and everyone was worn out when it was over.

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