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Fun Fear Factor -12yr- Ten Challenges



May 2009


Jordan in Attleboro, massacusetts usa

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Fear Factor Party

I have 3 girls, six, twelve, and fourteen. I've always been known as the party queen". I get most excited in the summer when I can plan out pool parties or water parties for my daughter but this year she decided to do fear factor. I've heard of the show but never actually seen the episodes. So I went on youtube and watched some differnet clips.

I first started on the DECORATIONS: I had yellow black and silver streamers and balloons in my backyard front yard living room and dining room. I had a yellow table cloth with a silver skirt and black polka dots to keep the theme going. I added little things and decorations to make the party more interesting. My daughter was reading up on this website and she decided she wanted 10 challenges. I give credit to this website for some of the challenges. Others we twisted around or made up. When everyone came we ate. We had burgers and hot dogs and snacks(pretzals popcorn chips etc) When everyone was full we picked teams out of a hat. ( I actually pretended too because my daughter knew who got along and who didn’t plus she wanted her best friend.)

Our fear factor version was different. Throughout the whole game for every challenge everyone had a partner. At your local craft store you can find plain tees each different colors. Since their was 5 different team at my daughters party we used pink purple blue yellow and green. Partners got together in a different part of my back yard and designed to shirts(that had to look the same). They also had to come with a team name. My daughter named hers Nitro after a roller coaster she LOVED. Others had funny names like Billybob Sr. and some had made up names(like they were from the future. When the shirts were done we let the ones with glittter dry. My daughter didn’t want to do a pinata but she had a cool idea(not from the website) She wanted just a big box pinata. I got a winni the pooh honey pot which was the closest I could find. I cut the top off and stuck seaweed in it. Instead of the kind we usually get when you hit them with a bat we got the string kind.

Everyone at the party took a string and seaweed exploded EVERYWHERE it was hilarious! People were so grossed out they couldn't stop laughing! The shirts were still wet so we went inside and my daughter opened up her presents. The party had started at 4:00 pm and it was about 6:00 pm now. The games began and everyone put on their team shirt. Each challenge was worth two points and the peson with the most points won a 20 dollar giftcard to anywhere they'd like.

CHALLENGE 1~Ooper Super Gross! I had different babyfoods in cups. Each had a flavored life savor in it. The challenge was to eat all the baby food blindfolded and then suck on the lifesaver and guess the flavor. Every team got the same kind and so did both of the partners. The levels got harder and harder (from grape to cherry to orange to black rasberry to pineapple etc.)

CHALLENGE 2~ Minefield. One partner gets blindfolded and the other stands beside them. The one blindfolded must go through an obsticle course while the other directs them WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM. The winners were the ones who went through the course the fastest.

CHALLENGE 3~ Egg Drip. I had teams lined up in my backyard. Both opartners were next to eachother and 25 ft. away from them was an egg carton with 6 eggs. Beside them was a measuring cup. (a regular cup will do) The teams had 1 minute to do this. One person runs to the carton and cracks an egg they have to run with the contents and dump it in the cup. When they're done they slap their partners hand and their partner goes. The winner is the team with the most contents and yolks in the cup.

CHALLENGE 4~ Brain Freeze. This challenge only involved one partner (challenge 6 involved the partner that didn’t participate in this challenge. I had a tiny baby pool filled with cold cold water and filled it with 2 bags of ice right before the challenge started to make it even colder! I bought about 25 clear poppers at the dollar store. The teamate that lost rock paper scissors had to get down on their hands and knees and find as many poppers as possible (in the cold clear water) in one minute. Whoever found the most was the winner.

CHALLENGE 5~ Lockdown(found on the website) Ibrought a chair outside and locked a teamate to it. They were tied with ropes and had some padlocks around them. The other partner had to dig for the keys in kitty litter(I bought fromo the store for about 4 dollars since I'm allergic to cats. There was 7 keys and 4 padlocks. They had to unlock and untie their partner in the fastest time. It was funny to watch the partner in the chair make fun of their partner for taking so long.

CHALLENGE 6~ Spaghetti hunt. This challenge involved the partner that didn't participate in  brain freeze. I had the same baby pool this time filled with spaghetti tomato sauce and vetible oil. I bought a pack of 20 plastic bugs at the dollar store and dumped them in the spaghetti. In 1 minute they had to get in the pool and find as many bugs as possible.

CHALLENGE 7~ Dog on Disgusting. All the teams sat in a circle at my dining room tabe. I laid out a diaper for each person. In the diaper were pieces of tootsie roll and dry dog food! Without their hands they had to dig through the dog food and the tootsie rolls(that they thought was poop) and find the jolly rancher whoever had the jolly rancher in their mouth first won. But both partners had to have it in their mouth.

CHALLENGE 8~ Hop potato. Both partners got in a potato sack. They didn't know the sacks had spaghetti LOADED with tomato sauce! The goal was to hop from one side of my yard to the finish line one the 2 points.

CHALLENGE 9~ Deep Sea Dive. This is the challenge that grossed most of the kids out but they all did it(and no one puked thank god) I put coins in the bottom of a pail about a foot wide. I covered the coins with squid real but dead. Each teamate had 15 seconds to pull as many coins out as they could.

CHALLENGE 10~ Finale!! (some of this I found online other parts I made up.) 1 teamate shoots a basketball hoop. When they get one in the other has to pogo 3 times on the pogo stick. When they're done I had them run around our block . When they came back they had to find an egg in the tub of oatmeal in my front yard. The person who has it has to run to the backyard and hand it to their teamate who has to crack the egg onto our birch tree. The team that did that the fastest one. It was a long challenge but it was the kids favorite.

I hosed everyone off and they changed into their bathing suits and washed their bodys and hair which was full of oatmeal spaghetti sauce vegtable oil squid juice dog food and egg. Everyone got in their pajamas and went inside to have cake. They set up their sleeping bags and played lots of fun games and talked about the party. When they woke up I had a buffet awaiting them in the dining room. We toasted to the hard efforts and good attitude for doing all the challenges. By noon everyone was gone and I had a big mess to clean up! It took about a half hour by myself so with a little help it's no problem. I can guarentee this will be your funnest birthday party!"

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