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Totally Gross Party -8yr- What in the Bucket?



May 2009


Julie in Modesto, Ca. USA

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Fear Factor Party

This party was for my son who is turning 8.  We had 18 kids come and everyone had a great time.  The party lasted three hours but several kids stayed longer.  I got some of the ideas for this party from this website and came up with the others.  this party involes a bit of advanced planning and you will need other adults to help during the party. Here are the details: 

Invitations: The invitations read:  Do you have the guts to survive Max Moores Totally Gross Birthday Party? I listed the date, time, and address and asked the parents to let me know if their child had any food allergies.  I also mentioned that they should wear or bring their swim suit.  The colors of the invitation were orange, green, and purple. 

Decorations: Simple- plates from CelebrateExpress- Totally Gross, cardboard targets made for relay, sins for each of the stations for activity 1, balloons in orange, green, and purple.  Upon arrival the kids were greated and encouraged to paint their faces as gross" as they could.  I had lots of different face paint available and adults ready to help. This activity was done in the kitchen as I wanted to keep them from going outside until we were ready to start the activities.   

Activities:  Once all the kids had arrived I took them outside.  After having them take a pledge to have a "totally gross time" I explained the first activity: The first activity involved the kids moving around to five different stations.  Each station has something gross to either smell eat or touch.  There was no time limit on each station the kids were just encouraged to go to all the staions and back to their favorites as time permitted. 

Here are the stations:  Station 1)  Whats in the bucket?  In one bucket I had cooked pasta that was lubricated with oil and filled with plastic spiders and worms.  I had left in in the refrigerator over night so it was nice and cold!  In a second bucket was a mixture of corn starch and water with marbles in it.  The kids put their hands into each bucket and pulled out the bugs and marbles.  

Station 2) Gross foods to eat!  This station had 6 different "gross foods": 
1)dirty worms (gummy worms covered in honey and rolled in crushed oreo)
2)chocolate covered flies (chocolate covered raisens)
3)dino poop(oatmeal cookie dough)
4)dried pig brains(beef jerkey)
5)tropical bugs (cookies from Oriental Trading)
6)toe nail clippings (colored coconut). 
The kids rolled a dice.  Each gross food was numbered and the kids ate the food with the number they rolled on the dice.

Station 3) How many eyeballs are in the applesauce?  I had a bucket filled with applesauce and slimmy eyeballs from Oriental Trading.  The kids had to put their hand into the bucket and get the slimmy eyeballs out.

Station 4) What is that smell?  I had five diapers each with a different type of baby food smeared in it.  The kids were encouraged to smell each one and try and figure out what type of baby food each diaper had smeared in it.

Station 5) More gross foods to eat! This station had 6 different "gross foods": 
1)Dead mice(gummy candy in the shape of a mouse)
2)Dog food (coco puffs)
3)fried squid 
4)fish heart ( cut up canned cranberry)
5)lizard brains (brain shaped gummy candy from Oriental Trading)
6)eyeballs (candy from Oriental Trading). 
The kids rolled a dice.  Each gross food was numbered and the kids ate the food with the number they rolled on the dice. 

After the station activity was complete I gathered the kids and explained the second activity which was a relay.  The relay involved putting the kids into three groups. 

One person at a time from each group would:  run up to a chair and sit on a whoopie cushion then they ran about three feet and put on some rubber gloves that were filled with lotion.  While wearing the lotion filled gloves the kids threw a water baloon at a card board target(each team had a Dad holding their target so it was fun to see the dads dodging the poorly thrown water balloons!) After throwing the water balloon the kids had to chew up a marshmellow and before swallowing it open their mouth and show the chewed marshmellow to the next person on their team.  Then it was that next persons turn to run the relay course.  The kids had a fun time with the relay and would have done it more than one time had we had enough lotion filled gloved for them! 

After the relay it was time for the last activity- finding the hidden gummy worms in the whipped cream pie!  I took the kids to the seating area and placed a whipped cream pie with three hidden gummy worms in it in front of each kid.  Their instructions were that they were to find all three worms but they could not use their hands!  Lots of fun with this activity and lots of messy faces afterwards!    After the whipped cream pie acivity the kids played in our swimming pool ate pizza and ate cake. 

Cake: Our local SaveMart bakery made a cake for me that had the following on top:  a nose with snot poop and vomit!  It was an awesome cake and got lots of moans and groans when the kids saw it.  They all wanted a piece from the snot poop or vomit section!  

Favors:  We sent the kids home with a "barf bag" from CelebrateExpress.  I filled the barf bag with the following:  fake dog poop a fart whistle a plastic cockroach a whoopie cushion gummy body parts candy from Oriental Trading and gum balls that leave your mouth colored the color of the gum ball.    All in all this party took a lot of planning and set up but was well worth the effort.  The smile on my sons face was evidence that it was all time well spent.  I would highly recommend this party!"

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