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Fear Factor Party -10yr- Permission Needed



March 2005


Dorothy in Mesa, Az.  America


Fear Factor Party

Fear Factor Birthday for my 10 year old daughter.  My number one concern was the food allergies or possible injuries or any other complications that could occur.  So not only did I want a party that was fun, economical and  challenging, I wanted one that was safe as well. 

I decided to divide the party into two separate categories. A fun obstacle course and a scary, gross physical challenge.   I knew that other neighborhood children would want to participate in the fun with the invites too, so this is what I did. I placed a huge banner on my garage that had the fear factor logo on it and in the very middle of that logo I put 11:30 a.m. Simple, clear and concise. Children knew that the party began at 11:30 a.m.

Then next to that banner on a big piece of poster board I wrote a bold and centererd title of PERMISSION NEEDED. Most of the kids knew of the party but just in case I had my invites and own children outside with water guns and water balloons to arouse attention and direct children to permission slips. Then below my title I wrote: This party is not your usual "baby" party. no paper hats or dollar store baby prizes here.  This party is for the big kids ready to win big bucks.  This party is so scary and dangerous that you will need permission.  If your parents sign permission and you have the guts to do our course you could win up to $40.00!!!! Next to the poster board was a manilla envelope which was also secured to the garage so it was easy for kids to reach in and take a 3 x 5 card home for permission. A total of 10 cards were in the envelope and this along with the 5 invites gave me a controlled number for food counts, party bags, etc.

The permission cards read:  Fear Factor B-day Party: If your child has no food allergies and is able to participate in games and activities for ages 8-12 years old please sign below. The invites had fancier versions but basically the same. I was hoping to also recruit a few extra parents this way to help me with my scare tactics. My overall layout begginning from my front door all the way through my house down my side yard and back out to the front was this:  Front door had a schedule which outlined the times events started. the events were: Obstacle course, Physical Challenge, BBQ, Raffle, Cake. Oh, by the way, the 5 invites were staying over for a slumber party!

Anyhow, each event would be 45 mins. And with 15 min. intervals for transitions, I knew the party would end by 4:00 pm.  The schedule on the door let adults know where their help could be needed. With the help of a neighbor, all 15 children were on carport area by 11:30 with permission slips and ready to hear about party. I walked out and as a scare tactic had a look of panic on my face, I walked over to my helper whispered in her ear and she responded with a look of horror. I then asked her to get Debbie everyone knows her as the neighborhood nurse. It was fun to watch childrens faces as I explained that an adult who was setting up had colllapsed.

Then I verified permission slips and explained the party by saying:  Welcome to Cassie's Fear Factor Birthday party. Your first event today will be an obstacle course. This course will test your mental and physical endurances. You will be challenged to go above and beyond anything you have ever experienced, but the pay off will be worth it. The person with the best time receives $5.00. And everyone who finishes the course receives a party bag. The party bags have candy, poppers, mini frisbee, tatoos, stinky gum, and other fun gadgets, but most importantly the party bag has a red raffle ticket.  At the end of the course get your bag, take out the ticket, write your name and times down. We will have a raflle lare for a prize of $10.00! (The obstacle course had 5 challenges starting from my back patio and followed a semi circle pattern against my backyard wall.

The first was "Sucker Soccer" a card table was placed on my back patio with 5 soccer puzzles, they cost only .25 cents and are very difficult to put together, they are sold in vending machines. The second Golf Ball Go! Throw 20 golf balls into 4 differernt targets 5 in a large box, 5 in a large standing box, 5 in a coffee tin, 5 in a tumbler cup.

The third challenge, Air Soft Shoot! Using a air soft rifle shoot 5 medium size lightweight targets.

The third challenge Water Balloon Blast!  All children who were not doing the course, so 14 of them had to turn and face a wall and let the child on the course throw water balloons at their backs until everyone was eliminated.

The fourth challenge folllowed along my side yard and challenges the kids to find the key to unlock the side gate.

The fifth and last challenge led children back to my carport which slopes slightly downward to street.  Here they had a choice of a scooter or a bike.  They would jump on either one proceed down the carport, turn right and ride for about 1 block where another adult helper was waiting with party bags and container to cllect raffle tickets. The party bags had more water balloons and kept children entertained until the physical challenge started.

To grab childrens attention back to the party, I asked town friend to bring their musical equipment to party and play.  Many kids have never seen a full drum set and real band equipment before so naturally they began migrating back to the house.  The band began setting up in my dining are and by that time , my husband and his buddies had set up to physical challenges. If a child wanted to particpate in the physical challenges he or she had to eat 3 teaspoons of saurkrat first.  Children gathered on back patio and in front of them they saw yellow caution tape around tall white Box (spray painted fridge box)the box had a bio hazard sticker on it and was called the Closet of Stench. We used Harry Potter stink bombs, five at time which were placed into box through a small opening on the back. Next To the box was the Buffet of Barf, five different plates were on the buffet. 1 oz. of cooked liver and mayo, 1/4 cup of spinache, 3 oz. suarkraut, 1 tiny teas. Of cooked cow's tongue and one cup of beet juice.

The five best times from Closet of Stench moved onto Buffet of Barf, however for a mere 1/4 cup of beet juice any child could move on as well. In the end the best time for both challenges won $25.00! Our scare tactics for challenge included a ruckes in kitchen where Buffet of Barf item were prepared, that is my mother pretending to puke a faint while helping prepare items. Also My husband and his buddies pretended to be very sick from aseembling Closet of Stench and couldn't even leave the general patio area until my nurse friend completed full vitals (pulse, heart rate etc.) Well, those are basically my challenges.  The BBQ was preared across the street and brought over to my house for eating. The band members also provided juggling instructions. 

The raffle was a scheduled event and we gave children notice before raffle. The raffle provided an awesome opportunity for getting children to cake and present table.  Before reading the winning number I told children about one last event.  They each had an opportunity to win either a rocket (boys) or oragami kit (girls). I told them that once they finished their cake to turn the plate over. One boy and One girl will have a plate with a star on it they would be the winners. The best thing was that we made sure that one of the girl invites won the oragmi kit because it would be an awesomw way to keep 5 girls occupied at the finale, the slumber party. 

Oh little, extras: rent a fear factor dvd from blockbuster play in all Day with or withour sound. Post a schedule on hallway wall so children can see it as the exit bathroom also place a full schedule on garage for parents and kids outside. Place a crate outside  agaist garage for party goers stuff. Also a crate by front door.  Make sure to put large signs with arrows PERSONAL BELONGINGS.  This works well for everyone.  Adults know where to put standed flip-flops, party bags etc. Children Know where to find them. Do as many scare tactics as you can, it's fun to watch how quick word spreads with the children and how distoted stories get, too.

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