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Fear Factor -7yr- Dirty Doughnuts



August 2005


Leigh-Anne in Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

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Fear Factor Party

I wanted to a special and exiting party for my daughter’s 7th birthday, a theme that I haven’t heard of any other moms doing in the area yet, I wanted a challenging and fun theme that would keep 6/7 year olds entertained the entire time and out of the house, weather permitted! Fear Factor came to mind, since it airing on TV at the moment, we love watching it at home, and my daughter loves watching all the disgusting things they have to eat. I thought it would be perfect; I could set up all the challenges myself so it would be a rather inexpensive party.

I didn’t want to invite too many kids, I wanted them all to partake in the activities so nobody feels left out; we invited 9 kids with my daughter making 10. I planned this well in advance; I worked out my challenges well, getting great ideas on this site, I wanted to everything to fit perfectly with my time slot. I also wanted to do challenges so that if it does rain it can be moved indoors, unfortunately August moth is our rain month. I did the invites on the computer using the Fear factor logo which I got off the net printing it on hard paper, telling them to come in play clothes not party clothes and asking them to please let me know if there child has any food allergies and if they have any questions they can phone me, I was surprised that nobody phoned me.  The parents and kids loved the invitations. 

Unfortunately there are no Fear Factor party goodies in this country, so I took white paper plates and cups and painted them with yellow and black lines and I printed out small Fear Factor logos which I cut out and stuck one with contact plastic to the centre of each plate and on the cups. It looked so nice and stood out well on the black table cloth which is just cheap black material I bought from a discount fabric shop. Even the balloons were black, red and yellow. I decorated the outside of the house with spiders and insects, it looked very nice. The weather turned out perfect!! 

There were 8 kids in total that came, I decided  to work on a point system for each challenge, with so few kids it was easy, depending on their time they get certain point, I had a price for the  two winners with the best time for each challenge, showing them what they can win before each challenge, making them more eager to do there best and win, I didn’t go expensive with the prizes, I bought a few cheap things putting them together to make it look like they were going to win allot of things, for the boys there were Dracula teeth, plastic cars, motorbikes, yo-yo’s and little parachute men, for the girls there were hair goodies, nail polish, stick on earrings and little plastic birds. The overall winner with the most points gets the grand mystery prize which was a stencil set with paints and sponges; it was wrapped up. 

The challenges were fun, for Challenge No 1 Fear Factor Dirty Doughnuts I had 10 mini doughnuts (soaked in milk and rolled in crushed chocolate biscuits and green coconut to look like dirt and grass) in a row hanging from string, I started hanging them up half an hour before the party began, this was quite a challenge, the doughnuts were freshly made and iced that morning and getting the string through the holes proved to be rather sticky! The kids had to stand in a row with their hands behind their backs and eat the doughnuts. The first to finish got a prize as well as the most points and got to choose the order for the next challenge. I had a bucket of water and soap and clean towels so they could clean up after each challenge. The were so many giggles all around, I told them to refrain from eating the string, and if the doughnut fell before finishing they had to sit out or try other one. Their faces were sticky and a few cheated with their hands when they thought I was not looking, the boys came out tops and the two to finish first won a price.  

Challenge 2 Fear Factor Dog Race Each child had to transfer three dog biscuits (bone shape) from one bowl to another. (Unfortunately I didn’t have any dog bowls so I used two empty ice-cream containers instead) they had to transfer the bones through an obstacle course. When I blew the whistle they took a bone in their mouths and had to crawl under two garden chairs, jump 3 times on a small trampoline, go over a balance beam to the other bowl drop the bone, run back and collect another. They could only use their mouths to transport the biscuit. The two winners with the best time win. This turned out to be a fantastic challenge; the kids had so much fun they wanted to go again.  

After this challenge, I brought out the birthday cake which was two eyeballs, made with two round cakes, iced white and dark blue for the iris also just used icing and a black round gummy sweet for the pupil. I did the eyes to make it look bloodshot using red food coloring and a toothpick and going over the white in thin lines. They sat in the garden eating all the goodies and cool drink I made for the party. This gave me enough time to set up the next challenge. 

Challenge 3 Fear Factor Yummy Food Challenge I had 5 very tasty treats. It is amazing what you can do with food coloring. I brought out the food and put them one the plates with labels saying what they were but not telling them what they were really made up of.

Number 1 Squirrel Pooh (mushrooms and raisons cut up in small pieces set in green jelly - used an ice tray as a mould)
Number 2 Cow Brains (soggy bread with pieces of cooked noodles, dyed yellow with food coloring)
Number 3 Fish guts (tuna in tomato sauce)
Number 4 - Cricked Juice (liquid Cereal with bits of cut up raisons)
Number 5 Scrambled Spiders (scrambled eggs dyed blue with food coloring it actually came out purple)
Number 6 Night Crawlers - this was a fun one (sour worms dipped in honey and crushed chocolate biscuits)

The fastest one, who got everything down, showed me there tongue wins. Most of the kids did not want to try this challenge. I must admit, it did look really disgusting!! I wrote down all the foods on pieces of cardboard which I put down on a table, they had to pick two up and that is what they will eat. Only a few attempted this challenge, they boys gagged just looking at what they had to eat, two girls ate their challenge, unfortunately the one girl ate too fast and it went down the wrong way, making her choke and she threw up over her plate which put everyone else off even attempting to eat. She won a price for eating and trying her best.  I told them afterwards what each item was. 

Challenge 4 Fear Factor Spider Challenge They have to find five big brightly colored spiders in a bowl of cow guts which was just cooked spaghetti, chunky tomatoes, raw eggs, cut up bread pieces, making sure to add lots of red food dye so it looked yucky. Using only there mouths, having goggles on and a shower cap they must find all five spiders in the shortest time. First person with the shortest time wins. I was worried about this challenge especially after the one threw up, so I decided to change the challenge and they have to find the spiders using their hands.

This was rather fun and they kids loved it, they all tried it and wanted to go again, so I decided to let them beat their score and go again, they eventually tried three times each this turned out to be one of the better challenges, it was very messy, luckily I had a cheap plastic table cloth on underneath, I had to throw the entire cloth away. There were noodles over the grass, everywhere. I didn’t mind the mess; they were having so much fun. This was my last challenge and I added up the score.  

While adding up the score they wanted to do the dog bone challenge again, which they did as fun and not part of the score. I announced the winner and gave him the price.   There was enough time to open presents which the girls enjoyed. The parents then turned up and they went home taking a big party bag and cake, everyone had lots of fun. The amount of kids that came make it manageable, everyone had a turn and the girls supported each others and the boys stuck together. I must admit this was a fun  Party, one of the best she has had so far.

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