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Trivia Race Game



March 2007


Tracey in Tangamablanga, NSW, Australia


Party Games

This wasn't actually a Birthday party - it was an activity for children at a Medieval Event at the local sports ground.  Actually the children didn't play - all grown ups played.  It was a rainy afternoon, we used TRIVIA questions instead of having to go through the rain to another place.  They got points for the answers they got right - and we had a prize for each section.  We had 5 lots of trivia questions, all to do with the club of which we are members (Questions about our awards, about heraldry, history of the club ... you could ask questions about any theme you wanted).  In between were ROADBLOCKS and DETOURS... challenges, we included jobs that needed to be done to keep the event flowing smoothly: eg helping the cooks wash dishes, putting up tents, cleaning the loos, as well as funny things like feeding dried cereal to someone else while you are both blindfolded.  Everyone said they had great fun, and most said they didn't care if they won a prize or not, it was just great to have something to do inside, seeing as all the sports were called off due to the rain.

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