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Bilingual Ice Breaker Game



July 2010


Michelle in Maplewood, St. Louis, MO USA


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Me and my husband came up with this one together since we are a bilingual house hold.  We used this for the adults at my daughter's 1st birthday as an ice breaker since most of the children were under 5.  When guest arrive they are given a sheet of paper with 20 or so words to translate" from one language to another.  Ours was Spanish words in to English words. I made the words around a 4th grade level.  Didn't want to make it too easy or too hard and I printed what the prize was for winning this contest (MP3 player)on the paper to keep them in the game all night long.  By the end of the night everyone was talking to everyone it was wonderful.  Right before guests begin to leave you announce the winner of the translation game.   The Kids version of this is to use small simple words like:  "Hola" "Adios" and "Casa"   YOU HAVE GOT TO USE IT AT YOUR NEXT PARTY!!!  Big success."

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