Idea No.


Mummy Wrap Game



June 2000


Claire in USA


Party Games

The mummy wrap is a game I've played at birthday parties since I was really little and is still fun even though I'm now 12.  To play you need an even number of people (but you can still play if there is an odd number).  Divide the party guests into groups of 2, and if there is an odd number, 1 group of three.  For every team you will need 2 rolls of toilet paper.  1 partner from each group will be the mummy and the other(s) will be the wrappers.  Give everyone 2-3 minutes to wrap up the mummy in toilet paper.  Whichever team does the best job wins a prize.  You can also decorate the mummy with accessories (hats, jewelry, sunglasses, etc.)

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