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Save Ariel's Flounder & Friends Game



July 2011


Jessica in Singapore, Singapore


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Game  This is essentially a fishing game where I used 2 sets of the magnet-in-fish-mouth fishing game.  All the children were separated into 2 equal groups and formed 2 lines. I extended 2 fishing rods with 2 long chinese chopsticks so as to increase the difficulty of the game. Each child is to run and stand on a marked spot to fish from their group's 'fish tank', using their long fishing rod. Each child has 30 seconds to try to 'save' a fish from the evil sea witch Ursula, if they 'save' one, they need to run back with the fish and rod and pass the rod to their next team mate. If they can't 'save' one at the end of their 30 seconds, they will have to run back with rod - empty handed.  I set the time limit to 10 mins (need to adjust so that each child get a turn at least) and tallied the total number of fishes 'saved' per group. The group with the most number of fish wins!   To add to the twist of the game, I selected 2 yellow fish and pasted a sticker at the tail on each. So each set will have one such special fish. These were the 'Flounder' fish and I explained to the children that if they manage to 'save' Flounder, it would be as good as 'saving' 3 fish.  The children can be really competitive and you would need at least 2 adults to run this game well. Good way to engage the other parents who have brought their children to the party too!

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