Idea No.


Guess Who 10yr



March 2002


Raymond in Gorham NH USA


Party Games

For my daughters 10th birthday she sent out invitations with a baby picture wearing funny glasses.  It said GUESS WHO? is having a Birthday? I had a basket full of hats, glasses, wigs, etc. for the kids to dress up. I took their pictures one by one on in front of a plain backdrop with a digital camera as they dressed up. I took about 16 pictures of each child. Then they had to choose 8 pictures each that they wanted on the guess who game board we made on the computer. I printed out 2 sheets per child. I bought laminating paper and laminated just the front of every sheet we printed. One of the sheets we cut up for card pieces, the other we used for the child's game board. The kids had just as much fun making the game as they did playing it. They all got to take their games home with them. I also printed out the silly pictures for them to trade with each other, or they could choose to bring them home. (I only printed the pictures they wanted me to)

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