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Goody Bag Alternative



Jan 2003


Michelle in Fresno, CA - USA


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GOODY BAG ALTERNATIVE:      Each guest (& birthday person) anonymously writes, on small slips of paper, one thing they like about EACH partygoer's PERSONALITY or CHARACTER.  Each comment for each party attendee has it's own separate piece of paper (so if 6 attendees - then 5 slips of paper - one from each guest).  This can be done towards the end of the party so that everyone has a chance to get to know everyone a little bit.      Have an adult put these pieces of paper inside balloons & blow them up with a helium tank.  Tie to each balloon some ribbon and join ribbons together.  Make sure that each balloon is tagged properly and identified with a sharpie pen as to its rightful owner.      Each guest (& birthday person) can then go home with a bouquet of balloons to pop in the comfort of their own space!!  She/He gets to read all the wonderful comments from everyone! The more partygoers, the more balloons!      I'm doing this for a 9-yr. old slumber party & tying the bouquets down onto disposable cameras (each girl was given their own personal one upon arriving at the party).      All the Money in the world couldn't buy a better "goody bag"!!!

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