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Gymboree Party -2yr- Tambourine & Maracas



June 2006


Kimberly in Houston, Texas, USA


Gymnastics Party

Gymboree Party - 2yr old - I am having my daughter's 2nd birthday at Gymboree Play & Music.  The party is from 3:30-5pm on a Saturday.  We go to a Gymboree class every Saturday morning and my daughter has a blast!  At the party, you have one instructor for up to 20 kids under the age of 5.  The instructor plays music and has the kids dance and sing, as well has work on motor skills by climbing through tunnels, sliding, playing with balls, etc. 

Party Favors: I bought white top tambourines from and wrote each child's name on the tambourine along with two music notes - I bought 2 dozen for $19.60 (I got this idea from - you can order these tambourines from this site but they are $3.95 per tambourine and will include the child's name you provide).  I also bought maracas ($11.80 per dozen - you actually get 24 in a dozen if you want to give each child one maraca instead of two) for each child on the same website to go in a clear bag (where you can see their name on the tambourine). 

They use these musical instruments during the gymboree class.  I could not think of another theme besides music to go with the Gymboree theme for the invitations so I decided to make party hats for the invites.  I cut a triangle shape with a rounded bottom to look like a party hat out of thin foam paper and glued pieces of a boa I cut for each party hat around the bottom and a piece at the tip of the hat as well. 

For the writing, I bought clear full page lables from Office Depot where I typed the invitation wording on and then cut the shape of the party hat out and stuck it to the foam party hat - these lables already have a sticky side.  I also added a string around the bottom of the hat to mimic a real party hat.  The wording read, "It's time to Dance, It's time to Play; Put your party hats on, It's Allison's 2nd Birthday!"

Because your time is limited at Gymboree, the class is about one hour and then you have 30 minutes to serve cake and icecream.  I will serve cupcakes and individual icecream cups because it is easier to transport and pass out than cake and scoops of icecream. 

You can see if your area has Gymboree by going to and click on Gymboree Play & Music in the top right of the screen.  Enjoy!

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