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Handy Manny -4yr- Apron, Gloves & Googles



January 2009


Christy in Easley, SC USA


Handy Manny Party

My son is a huge fan of the Disney show Handy Manny so we decided to give him a Handy Manny themed birthday party for his 4th birthday. 

I am making home-made birthday invitations on my computer using Handy Manny clipart found on the internet.  The invitations read: It would be Handy" if you could come celebrate Wesley's 4th Birthday.  The inside says Join us Saturday June 13th.  Shift begins at 1:00 Handy Manny repair shop (Our address).  (You also have the choice to buy Handy Manny invitations or print them off the playhouse disney website). 

I plan to make a Handy Manny Workshop sign (like the sign on the show) and hang it above our garage door.  I plan to serve loaded nachos for lunch (Manny is latino)and Handy Manny Cupcakes for dessert using the Handy Manny cupcake picks. 

I am purchasing the Handy Manny plates cups napkins and tablecloths online since our local party store doesn't have it. 

After we eat I plan to have the kids "get to work".  We are clearing out our garage and setting up work stations (using a piece of plywood attached to work horses.  I will use duct tape to divide the work space into squares.  Each space will have a theme. 

Pat the Hammer station (the kids can hammer in pre-started nails) Philipe and Turner Station (the kids can finish screwing in  pre-started screws) Stretch the measuring tape Station (the kids can learn to measure different lenths of wood) and so on...  I will be providing each child a work apron with work gloves and goggles. 

Each child will also get a hard hat (these are only 50 cents each from Oriental trading).  I must mention that all the kids are over 4 years old and I will have and adult helping each child with the real tools.  I also plan to have a pull-string pinata filled with goody bags for each child. 

I want this birthday party to be fun and educational (the kids will actually have hands-on experience with tools).  I plan to buy a Handy Manny shirt for my son to wear to the party and I also plan to buy a Handy Manny CD to play during the party both from the 

Hope my son's party will give you some ideas for your child's party!"

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