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Handy Manny -3yr- Pin Screwdriver to Manny



June 2010


Karen in Pinehurst, NC

Honorable Mention

Handy Manny Party

My son is really into Handy Manny and tools so the entire theme was related to tools.We rented a covered shelter at a local lake with a sandy beach area. So the kids and their families could enjoy time in the water and playing with the sand in addition to the other activities. 

Invitation- For the invitation I printed out a picture of Handy Manny and the tools on photo paper and it read We have a party to build for. It's (my son's name)3rd birthday and your invited" Followed by the details of the party. 

Decorations- We covered all the picnic tables with yellow blue and green table clothes and the had yellow balloons all around the shelter (Yellow is my son's favorite color.)  The cakes the pinata and the Handy Manny poster created the Handy Manny theme.  

Activities- When people arrived at the lake they headed down to the lake and all the kids were able to swim and play in the sand until it was time to eat. Part of the goody bags was sand castle shaped sand formers so the kids could "build" sand castles and inflatable hammers that they could play with in the water. 

Games- We had a pinata that I made in the shape of Handy Manny's toolbox. I covered a cardboard box with folded red tissue paper and then used the craft foam to create all of Handy Manny's tools on the box. Then I created a handle out of dowel rods. Since the kids were only 3 I made it a pull string pinata by cutting out a panel in the bottom and attaching one ribbon to the panel and other ribbons to the bottom of the box. The kids took turns pulling the ribbons until someone pulled the right ribbon and released the candy.

The second game was pin the screwdriver to Handy Manny's hand (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey) On a large poster board we created a picture of Handy Manny out of the craft foam and then made small screwdrivers to resemble Turner and Felipe. The kids took turns being blindfolded and tried to place the screwdriver in his hand.  

Party Snacks/ Food-  For the food we ordered pizzas had a veggie tray a fruit salad and a plate of tool shaped sugar cookies. (I ordered cookie cutters shaped like a hammer a screwdriver pliers and a saw) I made the sugar cookies in the sapes and then used colored icing to make Pat Felipe Turner Dusty and Squeeze. 

Cake- I made two cakes for the party. The first cake was a stacked cake to create the tool box. It was iced red and then had dowel rods to create the handle. I used color flow icing to make Pat Turner Felipe Dusty Squeeze Rusty and Stretch and the had them standing up to make a 3D version of the tool box.

The second cake was a 3D bust of Handy Manny. I used a 10 inch round as his body with an 8 in round cake cut into fourths and paird to make shoulders. These were iced green to match Handy Manny's shirt. Then I covered a Styrofoam ball in fondant to make Handy Manny's head. I placed a red ball cap on top.  

Favors- I used colored paper bags from Michaels to hold the favors and created labels using Handy Manny clip art that said "Thanks for helping celebrate my special day" In the bags I had an inflatable hammer (from Oriental Trading) tool shaped gummy candys (also from Oriental Trading) tool shaped erasers (from Michaels) tool shaped bubbles (from Oriental Trading) a sand castle building shaper a CD (a mix of my son's favorite songs including some from Handy Manny) and Hershey's miniatures covered with Handy Manny labels that have my son's name his age and the date (I ordered these on Ebay) 

The party was a great hit and my son was really excited to have so many tool shaped things to play with at and after the party.  "

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