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Hockey Party -7yr- Hockey Puck Invite



April 2004


Elly in Whitby, Ontario


Hockey Party

7 year old Hockey party - March. I started by purchasing hockey puck and using stick paper attached the invitation to the puck.   It said.   Face off time: Place: seat number. The kids enjoyed the invitations.

When they arrives we played Street hockey for 1/2 hour then, went inside for hotdogs, chips and pop. All the hockey game food.

I downloaded all the NHL teams logo from the NHL.COM site and made up bingo cards with the logos on them. The kids had a blast, they wanted to play the game over and over again.

Then we played pop the balloons I made 2 teams and in each balloon was a letter of a hockey team. The team that pop the balloons first and spelled the hockey team name won  a prize.

Then we played freeze dance, yes all boys and they loved this as well :). When the music stopped they had to do a hockey pose.

After the games we did cake and presents, then back out side for another games of hockey, and from there parents picked up the kids outside.

For loot bags I went to the dollar store and purchased $1.00 hockey sticks and attached hockey patches, stickers, candy and little hockey games.   All found at the dollar store.  

They all asked if they could come back next year and do it all over again. It was a great success.   Hope you all have enjoy my ideas and hope you can use them to have your own home party.  :)

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