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Ice Cream Social -7yr- I Scream 4 Ice Cream



July 2004


Lynn in Glendale, AZ  USA

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Ice Cream Party

For my child's 7th birthday, we had an Ice Cream Social Birthday party!  

INVITATIONS:  I made my own invitations on the computer which read, "I scream!  You scream!  We all scream for Bailee's Ice Cream Social Birthday Party!  Here's the "scoop":  Flavor of the Month:  Banana-Rama Bailee  Where:  Bailee's 7 Year "Old Stone Creamery" (play on words using Cold Stone Creamery)  When:  (date)  Open for Business @:  1:00pm  Closing @:  4:00pm.  RSVP before this party melts away!"  The information was on the inside and on the outside cover of the invitation, I made my own ice cream cone.  I found 3 different textured scrapbook papers in different colors and cut ice cream scoops out of each one. 

For the cone, I ran a brown colored paper through a paper crinkler.  I then glued my cone together with the 3 scoops on top and then added mini- pastel colored rhinestones to the scoops.  Then, I put a large round red jewel on the top for the cherry.  I made address labels for the envelopes:  For the return address I put a picture of an ice cream sundae with Banana-Rama Bailee and then our address.  For each child I invited, I made up an ice cream flavor that started with the same letter as their name (example:  Cookies-N-Cream Caity) and that's how I addressed the invitation to them.  

DECORATIONS:  I bought a pastel colored arrangement of fresh carnation flowers for the centerpieces.  I then bought sugar cones and bit a small hole at the bottom of the cone and put the flower stem through the cone making the flowers the scoop of ice cream.  Then I arranged them in bud vases and put them on the tables.   I found a pastel colored polka-dot paper table cloth for the main table.  Then set up 4 little tables in the kitchen like an ice cream parlor for the kids to sit at.  I used plastic pastel colored tablecloths for each table.  Each one was a different color.  

I found a huge ice cream cone mylar balloon at Party City and I also ordered a dozen pastel colored balloons for added color.  Then I had 5 brown balloons for the cone, 10 white balloons for the ice cream scoop and topped it off with a red one for a cherry.  I tied the balloons together to make the shape of a giant ice cream cone! On the front door, I made a cute sign that read, "Welcome to Bailee's 7 Year "Old Stone Creamery"  and added pictures of ice cream cones and sundaes.

GAMES:  I found an ice cream pinata online.  We also had an ice cream eating contest.  We tied the girls hands behind their backs and had them eat 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream from a bowl.  Whoever finished first, won!  We also played Hot potato with a stuffed Ice cream cone I found at Build a Bear.  Lastly, we played pin the cherry on the ice cream. I made a huge ice cream cone and scoop and put a "x" on the top for where the cherry should be.  Blindfolded the kids and whoever got their cherry closest won!  

PRIZES FOR THE GAMES:  I found plastic ice cream scoopers at Wal-Mart.  I filled the scoop part up with Baskin and Robbins hard candy and then wrapped it up in cellophane.   I also found ice cream bubbles at Wal-mart.  They were in the shape of an ice cream cone and the bubbles smelled like ice cream flavors!

FOOD:  Ice cream, of course!  I had the party at 1:00pm so the kids would've already eaten lunch so we could just feast on the dessert!  I bought waffle bowls and about 10 different flavors of ice cream.  We had all the toppings, bananas, strawberries, and lots of sprinkles, too! And, of course, cherries for the top!  I also had ice cream cone cupcakes.  You pour the batter into a cone (not sugar cones, the kind that are flat on the bottom) and bake them in the oven following the directions for cupcakes.  Then, I took a star point, and frosted them like a softserve with icing!  Then, topped them off with a cherry! I also provided an ice cream cake from Baskin and Robbins.  It was round and had 7 miniature ice cream cones around it.  The birthday girl got to pick the flavors of the cones and the cake.  Then, it said " 7 Scoops to you, Bailee!"  I found some ice cream shaped candles for the cake, too!

PARTY FAVORS:  I found some plastic ice cream soda cups at Wal-Mart for 88 cents.  At Oriental Trading Company, I ordered gummy ice cream cones, ice cream cone bubble necklaces and ice cream cone lip gloss key chains.  I put those in the bottom of the soda cup, then crinkled up white tissue paper into the shape of a round ball and put it in the cup for the "ice cream".  I glued a red pom-pom on top for the cherry and had a $2 Baskin and Robbins Gift Certificate sticking out the top.  Then, I wrapped each one in cellophane and tied a pastel striped bow on each one.  I attached a gift tag to each one that read, "Scoops of Thanks with a Cherry on Top!"  and then had their ice cream names on each tag (Banana-Rama Bailee.) 

I also found some cute ice cream coloring pages online and xeroxed them and made each child an ice cream coloring book to take home.  I also made each child a waist apron.  I purchased the canvas waist aprons from Oriental Trading Company and painted an ice cream cone on each pocket.  Then, in the middle, I painted their ice cream name.  I also had parlor paper hats for them to wear.  They took everything home with them as part of their favors! I found the cutest outfit for the birthday girl on ebay with ice cream cones all over it!  The party was to everyone's "licking!"  We had scoops of fun!

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