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Incredible Hulk 6yr - Stomp the Mean Guys



Sept. 2003


Jeannette in New Baden IL, USA


Incredible Hulk Party

My 6yr old wanted an Incredible Hulk theme for his party this year.  He invited 10 friends and 8 were able to attend. 

We purchased Hulk invitations, a table cover that was used as a poster on the wall, Thank You cards, plates, cups and napkins.  The local bakery took the invitation and scanned it into the computer to make the Hulk on the cake. 

Our first activity was making placemats with Hulk stickers, I had an art student of mine make Hulk Snarls that I had already cut and placed in the middle of the place mats and had their names on the place mats as well.  I finished the placemats by placing contact paper on each side of the poster board we were using.

Once all of the guests had arrived the children played their first game, "stomp the MEAN guys".    I had 18 balloons inflated in advance with yarn tied to each balloon.  The kids(each had two balloons) drew mean looking faces on the balloons then we tied them to their ankles and they had to stomp or sit on the balloons until all were popped.  The kids had a blast with this. 

The guests were asked to help pick up balloon peices, then they headed outside for the next game while I got cake and ice cream(and green kool-aid) ready. 

The other two adults took the guests outside for "pump-up-your-muscles".  The kids went outside for a tug-O-war game.  Once that was over the kids ate. 

The end of the party was opening presents and playing with toys.  I was also able to get a picture of the group of guests and the party boy making their "Hulk" faces for the camera.  We had a great day.

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