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JoJo's Circus Party -2yr- Ping Pong Gold Fish



May 2006


Michelle in Orangevale,CA


Jojos Circus Party

My daughter was turning 2 and wanted a Jojo's cirsus birthday.  we used the Jojo's circus themed invitations.  I had games set up for the kids to play when they arrived.  We had a frisbee toss, by hanging hola-hoops from the trees.  A bean toss, in which I had a blow-up doll with a pitcheers mitt.  They had to throw the bag in the net.  We had the pool of ducks and the kids had to catch a duck with a dot on the bottom in the net. 

I purchased a tic tac toe game online, in which they had to toss the balls to make 3 in a row.  I bought a jar and filled it with Mother's Animal circus cookies and the kids had to guess the closest amount without going over.  The winner got the jar.  We had a ping pong ball toss into bowls of colored water. 

If they made it they got a goldfish, if the parent said no we were prepared with small plastic bags of goldfish crackers.  I found these rubber frogs you could sling shot and hit things, so I took empty soda cans, covered them with green construction paper and drew flies on them with markers.  We had a ring toss with a blow up octopus.  My husband made a cardboard race track and we had balloon car races, which I purchased from the Oriental trading compnay.  The kids were very busy.  I purchased a cardboard treasure chest and if they won a game and got a ticket, they could trade it in for a prized from the chest. 

If they saved the tickets and had 5, they could pick a larger prize (dollar tree toys) from a big tub.  I also did face painting for the kids and we had a craft table where they got to decorate their own clown hats.  I purchased plain party hats from the party store, some pompoms, sticky letters, beads, jewels, etc. to glue on the hats.  We played Jojo's circus music in the back ground. A family member owns a pony and brought him to give the children pony rides around the backyard.  We own a small bouncy which was also out for th kids to play in. 

For food, we had the regular carnival junk food.  We BBQ'd hot dogs and marninated chicken on a kabob sticks.  We had small bags of chips, nachos with all the fixings (tomatoes, guac, sour cream, olives, onions, pepers and chili) and a broccoli salad.  I own a chocolate fountain, so this was our center piece on our food table, with all different kinds of fruit and cookies to dip.  We had soda, a sparkling punch, and water.  We also rented a cotton candy machine, which cost 3 tickets each. 

We had a clown pinata filled with candy and snacks and a clown cake purchased from a bakery. The tables were covered in plain colored tablecloths with popcorn buckets filled with either popcorn or peanuts with balloons on stick inserted in the middle.  It was very hot that day, so we put a shade tent up, which we hung streamers down from calling it the "Big Top." 

The gift bags were paper popcorn bags filled with orange marshmallow peanuts, popcorn balls, crazy straws, tattos, candy dots on paper, animal circus cookies, bouncy balls, chinese yo-yos and a cotton candy.  I had so much fun planning and having this party.  It seems like a lot to plan, but everyone enjoyed themselves so much and made it worth it.

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