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JoJo's Circus Party -3yr- Big Top Invite



May 2006


Candis in Gladstone, Missouri  USA


Jojos Circus Party

My daughter is 3 and she loves JOJO's circus.

I started out with the cake. I made a regular round cake (confetti from Betty crocker) wrote Happy Birthday Kaleighan and made Jojo's face out of fondant(walmart 8 dollars for the diffent colors.) and then made the Famous Icecream cone cakes. I had another cake round I made into a carasel. Paper plate,straws and animal cookies the pink and white ones. Cut the paper plate so it's like frindges then glue 5 straws through the frindges. Then placed the cookes on each side of the straws. 

My invitations were an idea off the internet to buy and I made them out of Picture paper. I cut it to look like a tent and folded the flaps and inside it read "Hey,Hey it's JoJo's Circus." Please come and celebrate kaleighan's 3rd Birthday! We'll jump and play and have some fun" then on each of the inside flaps I drew JoJo's face and the other read "wear your bright primary colors". On the outside I made pokadots to the opening. On the top of the invitation I had Ribbon tied at the top and tied to it was play $5 that i made. 

My house was filled with stuff animals along the baseboards and on my breakfast bar that overlooks the living room it had... A box that I cut up to look like a lions cage and put a stuff lion in it. I had a Candle holder that was mine looking like the ringmasters but I put a Lion on that as well.

Above the cake I saved my paper towel holders and taped them together and wrapped them all up in streamers and hung then from my plant hangers with streamers. My girls had a skinny doll that I made it look like it was walking the tight rope. LOTS OF TAPE USED! Underneath the Breakfast bar I drew each of the characters faces and posted them like a poster.  

My games included...PIN THE NOSE ON JOJO. I drew JOJO's face (or you could print one of her faces) Above the Picture I wrote on a long peice of paper PIN THE NOSE ON JOJO. Then I drew and cut out noses. The prize was a clowns nose. Found at a party place. SKEEBO's ball toss. I got a huge box and cut just one flap out.

Then I cut Holes in it for the ball toss. I had balls from a toddler game I already had. But you can use just small balls. And I hung it between my open closet doors in the living room. So that prize was a Bright colored big ball 2.00 at walmart Croaky's leap pads.

Cut out leap pads (drew) and played musical chairs but they had to sit on the leap pads. Music was from JOJO's circus. Tater's Bowling I saved 9 plasic 2 ltrs. And made it look like a bowling alley but instead of a ball they through a patato. Prize was funny big glasses. Walmart for 88 cents.

Each game was a dollar and if they wanted a brown small bag filled with popcorn that also cost a dollar, or a bag of Circus peanuts. You could also Patato paint cut the patato in half and paint with washable paint  Lots of drawing or you could print and color involved. But I spent probably $40 bucks. Tip just use what you have around the house and the more creative the more memoriable it will be!

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