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Karaoke Party -10yr- Trophy Award



Sept 2002


Annie! in Seattle, WA


Karaoke Party

For my 10th birthday party I'm having  a karaoke party! We rented a karaoke machine and sang!

First when the girl get here they went up stairs and my sister and two of her friends each had a table We would rotate and first make up second was hair and third was toes and nails! Then we would go down stairs and start to sing. There would be three judges and round one would begin!

Then the five winners would go to the next round. We would take a break and eat lunch.

Then round two would begin. The  three people who lost would be the judges and the old judges would compete in round two. Then the three winners would go to the finals.

The old judges would go back if they didn't win Then the others would watch. Then the winner would be picked by the judges and They would win a trophy that looked like an academy award!

Then we would just sing and have fun! We had bland CD that hung of the ceiling that gave the mirror effect! This party is going to be a blast!!!

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