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Grammys Party -11yr- Streaming Player



January 2013


Caitlin in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Honorable Mention

Karaoke Party

For my 11th birthday party, I had a Grammys party. Everyone got to choose which singer they wanted to be. My friends were Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kesha, and I was Miley Cyrus. We did Kareoke, and each person had to sing at least one song by the person they were being. If you are into singing, then you might want to use this idea. 

INVITATIONS: Nothing special for the invitations. I just handmade them with paper and markers. 

COSTUMES: Dress up as your character. 

DECORATIONS: We didn't do many decorations, just birthday banners and table centerpieces, but we also took some red fabric, cut it, and made a red carpet from the front door to the living room. 

PRE-PARTY: We made a Guest List" on my mom's IPad (It had the names of the singers they were being with their name in parenthisis next to it) and my older brother stood outside the front door in a bodyguard suit and sunglasses with the IPad and he didn't know who everyone was being but he knew everyone's name so whenever a friend came up to the door he would tell them they had to dance while walking the red carpet and then he would say to me (because we were wearing bluetooths) for example "Beyonce is entering the building. I repeat Beyonce is entering the building." He had fun with it. 

PARTY: Not everybody got there on time so while we were waiting we snacked on the appetizers my mom put out and danced around to my Ipod. When everybody got there we started the party. Since we had a streaming player we went to youtube. Here's how we set it up. We went to Youtube for the songs and we had a block rocker so we plugged the microphones into it. We did kareoke in alphabetical order and it worked out because I wanted to be last and I was last. My friend Laina was Ariana Grande so she went first. We all sat in order on the couch (If we werent dancing) and every time someone finished everyone scooted over and they sat at the end of the couch while the person on the other side of the couch was singing next.

What really sucked was that it was raining and thunder storming outside so our power cut off in the middle of somebody singing. My mom tried to get it back on but it wasn't working so we all just started talking until about 20 minutes later the power came back on. After that we started singing again until 6.

We went out for dinner. My dad owns a restaurant so of course we went there. My dad is also friends with a limo driver so she drove us there and back for free so I guess I'm pretty lucky! So we kept singing until Mrs. Fay got there (The limo driver)  We just sang and danced in our seats in the limo.

When we got to the restaurant my parents and my brother let us have our own table so we could eat and gossip and other stuff. We ordered chicken Tenders and mozerella sticks (because my dad makes the best) and for dessert we all shared a hot brownie sundae. On our way back in the limo we did presents. When we got back we had cake and ice cream. We didn't really have cake We had red velvet cupcakes. After cake we snacked more.

Then we all watched Standing Ovation (Because it's my favorite movie and it fits the theme) and we snacked on popcorn. During the movie we played with party favors and we "Called People In The Movie" (When you pick which person you want to be). Then we played some games we made up. My favorite was called "123!". You might not want to play this game if your guests are sleeping in sleeping bags instead of on blowup mattress. Me and my friend Taylor made it up then everyone started following.

What you do is have 1 person standing in front of the blowup mattress holding a pillow and you lay down on the blowup mattres. The person in front of you will say "123!" when they say three try to see if they are going to fall on you or if they are just trying to trick you. If they don't move STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

If they do move ROLL OVER! Because if you get squashed they win. If you roll over and they don't move they win. If you stay still when they stay still you win. If you roll over when they fall you win. After that we just watched TV and went to sleep. For breakfast we had waffles and leftover cupcakes. They took their goodybags and everyone was gone by 1. I hope this helped you in your party planning!"

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