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Kite Party -3yr- Kite Invitation



July 2002


Gretchen in Kansas City, MO , USA


Kite Party

For my sons 3rd birthday (which is in March) I had a kite flying party. 

I made invitations out of construction paper (cut in the shape of a diamond) complete with a string tail.  I cut out small bow tie shapes (3) and hot-glued them to the string.  I hand wrote the information on the little "kites" and mailed in stock envelopes.  They were adorable. 

I purchased kite kits inexpensively on line at and had them assembled beforehand - very simple. We celebrated at a local park where I covered picnic tables with newspaper.  I taped down plastic bowls of washable paint at each table. 

When the kids arrived, they were given a paint brush and were seated at the table to paint their kite (I had written their names on each kite with permanent marker beforehand). 

When the painting was complete, the kids went out on an adjacent vacant soccer field and let them fly.  Ages ranged from 3 to 9 years and they all had a great time. 

I took pictures of each child flying his/her kite and sent them out with thank you notes.  And of course, as a party favor, each child was sent home with his/her own kite masterpiece! 

Cake and icecream followed when we were able to get all the kites in!!

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