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Lego Party -6yr- Cardboard Lego Decorations



August 2012


Lucinda in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, USA

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Lego Party

My daughter decided she wanted a Lego themed party this year, so here is what we came up with: We had about 16 kids, mainly 6 & 7 year olds and all activities were held outside in our backyard. Yea for sunny days! 

INVITATIONS: We love sending homemade invitations that the kids will love and express the theme of the party.  This year was easy.  We bought building blocks, similar looking to Legos, but a little bigger and much cheaper, at The Christmas Tree Store.  We figured out how many we would need for each invitation, for us it was 9, stacked them together and wrote the party info., name of recipient, time, place, etc. on the blocks with permanent markers.  Then, we took them apart, placed them in a small ziplock bag and wrapped them in brown paper.  We printed labels with the addresses and a picture of a Lego Minifigure head on the it and mailed them out.  I downloaded, for free, a Lego font so we used that on the label, as well. We got a lot of positive responses about these,the kids loved to put them together! Total cost of each invitation was less than a dollar fifty, with much of it being postage.  

DECORATIONS:  Another favorite thing we like to do is to find inexpensive things and turn things we already have into party related decorations. We made big Legos out of boxes and tin cans we already had, for example a shoe box and tuna cans.  We glued them together and spray painted them.  Using the left over building blocks from the invitations, we  sprinkled them all over the table, like confetti.  Since Legos have that green baseplate, we used a green tablecloth on the food table with primary colored square paper plates, cups, etc. We used some extra goodie bags (mentioned below) and placed vases of flowers in them. We went to an official Lego store and bought my daughter’s birthday gift and while we were there I asked the clerk for some extra bags. We used the bags for a couple things - we hung some outside on plant hooks and on the lamp post, so guest saw them when they arrived.  We also cut out pictures of the Lego block and Lego logo that are printed on the bags and used them for the birthday banner. All free!  My husband got two old propane tanks and painted them to look like minifig heads, one girl and one boy.  Everyone loved them and they also doubled as game props (mentioned below).  We found round, yellow paper lanterns at a dollar store and drew minifig heads on them and hung them around the house and yard.  Two for a dollar! 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The party started at noon, so the first thing we had people do was eat.  That gave everyone a chance to filter in and the kids could run around a bit. When families arrived we pointed out the ‘Guess How Many Legos’ display.  Each child got to write their name and number of Legos they thought were in in a vase we had set up.  We had a prize for the winner, which came from the Lego store, as well for free.  If you bought a certain dollar amount you received a free birthday cake slice Lego, so we used that as a prize, again for free! For the first outside activity, we had the kids sit in a circle, say their name and what they would build with Legos that started with the first letter of their name.  Then we moved over to the races!  We set up the propane tank minifig heads beside each other and lined up two teams.  The kids had to kick a ball up to the tanks and around, come back and then the next person went.  After that we moved the kids closer to the tanks and had them toss a hula hoop around the tanks.  The last game was a Lego spoon race. The kids had to hold a spoon with a Lego on it and run around the tank and back.  These games were easy, kept the kids moving and were a big hit!  We have a trampoline, so when it was ‘free time’ the kids took turns on that.  We also have a golf cart and my husband rigged up a rolling platform on the back and we took the kids for a ride, always a favorite so we use it at every party. Lastly, we made a Lego brick looking pinata.   It was easier than I thought.  We took a large box, cut circles that cans (we used large soup cans) would fit in but not slip out, then had a trapdoor on the bottom where we attached enough strings for each child to have their own, but only one string would pull the trapdoor open.  The ends of the strings were covered by the yellow crepe paper that decorated the outside of the pinata.  Inside was mixed candy that the kids got to grab up.  Prior to pulling the strings, we told the kids that they could have 20 pieces of candy each, as to not have complete insanity. 

COSTUMES:  My husband bought me Lego earrings and I bought my daughter a custom Lego shirt from Etsy.  They were the only ‘costumes‘. 

PARTY SNACKS:  I thought it would be hard to come up with Lego themed food, but the ideas just kept coming.  We asked a local pizza shop if they could made a rectangle pizza with tiny pepperoni slices and then cut it so that the slices had 6 pepperoni pieces each.  They didn’t have the right size pepperoni, but we found some already cut in bags at the grocery store and they used that!  Besides the Lego pizza: we made a veggie pizza using crescent rolls, a ranch flavored spread and sliced baby carrots circles and arranged them to make the same Lego look as the pizza, sliced string cheese into little circles and placed 4 on large square crackers, took dot candy (that candy on the paper strips) and cut them into smaller 2 dot by 3 dot pieces and we bought candy shaped liked Legos.  We made minifig marshmallow head treats, too.  To make them just stick a round candy, like smarties, on the top of a reg. sized marshmallow with icing and place the marshmallow on a stick.  Using yellow melting chocolate candy wafers bought a craft-type store, we dipped the marshmallows and after they dried we used an icing pen to draw minifig faces on each.  We them stuck them, one by one, in a Styrofoam block and placed that into one of those yellow smiley face mugs that come from the flower shop, we had both of those things already, so again free! There was also chips, grapes, pasta salads, punch and soda.

CAKE: The cake was so cool! The bottom layer was a larger rectangle covered in green fondant.  The ‘bumps’ on the baseplate were made with cut cupcakes bottoms.  On top of that were 3 blocks, made smaller, in red, blue, and yellow.  The fondant really helped them look like smooth blocks. In addition, there were 2 gum paste minifigures sitting on the cake and a ‘Happy 6th Birthday’ cookie on top.  We found Lego shaped candles online and used them, too.  My daughter loved her cake! 

GIFT BAGS:  I try to find inexpensive, fun, theme related stuff to put in the gift bags.  First the bags themselves were made by cutting circles out of extra matching bags and sticking them on one side of a gift bag, 2 rows of three to look like a block.  The bags were 2 for a dollar, yellow and blue.  We then, using the Lego font, printed each child’s name and stuck it to one of the circles.  In each bag were: homemade minifigure crayons and bricks we made from melting crayons in molds bought online, a Lego pencil, a strip of Lego stickers, a box set of knock-off Legos bought at The Christmas Tree Store for a little over a dollar each and a yellow drink coozie, bought at a craft store, where we drew minifig faces on one side and the child’s name on the other (the kids LOVED these). 

THANK YOU NOTES: We made thank you notes saying Thank you for (enter present) and coming to my party”, on a piece of paper with a black and white Lego scene for them to color with their new crayons!   We had a blast planning and making things for this party!

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